Hello friends. Today has been incredibly tipsy-turvey; an eclectic mix akin to the bizarre weather through the window. We awoke early (the new norm as Jem has taken to ridiculously early starts), and were about the day’s tasks before 8:00am. The focus of the day? Get settled!

It turns out that setting up house in a camper is somewhat tricky. This endeavor is made all the more difficult when the weather flucuates between pouring rain, heavy snow, wind, and abnormally cold temperatures. My balmy visions of a west coast Eden are being revised!
While J roasted coffee, dug out a small storage corner in the yard shed, and worked on electical components, I bundled up Jem in the carrier and set about creating a home of sorts in the camper. By 11:00am we were all chilled, wet, hungry, and cranky 😦
Some issues have been presented: 1) The camper overloads the electrical circuits in the house. So, J is out purchasing an overpriced exterior cord so we can connect to another circuit. 2) We’ve never worked with, let alone lived in, an RV. There are several things to learn, like how to turn on the furnace and where to put (and how to take away) the water and other liquidy things. 3) Jem is learning to flow with it; strapped on a back or a chest, chewing on flax bread, skeptical at best. And we’re trying to learn to flow with him as well, in the midst of very little sleep.

So, in the midst of these things I went from:
“WOW! We’re doing it! Aww…look at me setting up our little home 🙂 Aww…this is so neat! What’s ahead? Hm, as if we actually took this step. How cool!”
“WOW. We’re actually doing this thing…umm…God? Umm…we really are below the poverty line. Um…we seriously are about to move into a camper and call it home 😦 Does anyone believe in us out here? How terrifying!”
To sum it up: I am so incredibly excited and SO ridiculously hopeful. But my hope of a beautiful future may not playout in day-to-day reality, and it’s in that space where I feel my throat tighten and my heart clench. I’m happy. I’m hopeful. I’m learning. And I’m so deeply hoping that a year from now we’ll look back and see how utterly wonderful it was, and is.


Thoughts? Comments? Hmm....

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