Happy Saturday!

Yesterday was a good day. An honestly good day.

I began with a decent amount of sleep. J took Jem for the night and I enjoyed 8 solid hours of sleep. It is incredible what sleep can do for a person!
We decided that Friday was a “present GreenValley to the world!!!” day (hahaha) so I put on my ‘professional’ clothes (took awhile to dig those out!) then took off with newly printed brochures and fresh samples of beans. I was lost within 8 minutes.
Driving around Downtown, I eventually pulled into a parking lot. The parking lot turned out to be that of the local newspaper. Long story short, I went in, chatted, they smelled the beans, loved the brochure, connected with me, grabbed a reporter, chatted, and declared that we were going to be the spring ‘Green Living’ column!!! Um…wow.

Continued out and about, from one contact to another. Basically, I would walk in, introduce myself, share our stuff, and people would either:
a) Get excited and say they’d likely run our beans
b) Get excited and refer me to a friend/business/event

All in all, I dropped 7 samples and am waiting on responses from our favorite coffee shop, a bookstore, an ecoclothing store, the paper, a sketchy religous/cult group, and some random local folks. I came home energized and SO excited. Jem was happy, J and I were in a good place, the folks shared our happiness, and the weekend was on the way. An honestly good day!
In other news….
– I’m not sure how we became two businesses and no, we’re not sure how it’s going to pan out. Do we keep moving ahead with GreenHomes? (it’s the ‘official’ one!) Or do we go nuts with GreenVally? I didn’t really see this coming…. Then again, we still haven’t actually sold anything so?
– The trailer is cozy and we just had sweet potatoe pancakes and coffee –yum!
– We’re finding a sense of flow with the rest of life here; J’s folks, the house, etc. It’s good.
– there are mountains in my back yard. That is very cool!
There is much more to write, but lately I’m finding myself totally overwhelmed with keeping up online. Blogs, emails, education, contacts– yikes! It’s a little crazy…..
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  1. Kmarie says:

    Hallo lovely!It is good to see you again even if it is in a photo:) We will be thinking of you again tonight and be excitedly talking about your news! Thats exciting. I wish we could get more personal details of you and hear your voice. Hubby misses J alot! Such is life… what education are you doing or do you mean just educating yourself? There is a site called salt springs seeds near there that I ordered my heritage and organic seeds for my garden -you should check it out…Huge plus that it is a longer growing season where you are!I know how it is on the web-there has to be a time limit and it cant substitute phone calls and daily chats. I cant imagine keeping up with everyone on two blogs plus the constant rush of facebook(good luck with that!:)Anyhoo Dee we love you and can’t wait to hear more! Yeah for timing and empty parking lots!Ps I want to hear more about this sketchy cult thing. Sounds like you are having variety anyway!:)

  2. Ryan & Melanie says:

    Dee,I like this new blog (yah, you are on blogger!), and I am excited to read about your journey. It sounds as though you guys are so busy, but also enjoying this new, and exciting season of life.I think about you guys often and I love what you guys are doing!love,Mel

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