Today was exhausting, encouraging, and challenging. I spent most of the day in the next city selling GreenValley and GreenHomes products at a little tradeshow thing. I didn’t move a lot of beans, but I sold half of the GreenHomes things I brought! People were so incredibly receptive to affordable, quality, natural home products! They love my little body balm bars and bought all the peppermint sani-mists– yay! But, I think I need to review my prices. One woman thought they were listed at 3x the price and was about to buy a bottle– wow!
I’ve decided what the GreenHomes story is going to be (for now):
I’m going to approach 3 retails venues (a local natural baby store, a greenhouse, and an eco womens store) with the products. I’m also going to have them available for our farmers market runs and whoever calls/emails in the our city. I’ll create the 4 cleaners as well as the ‘balms’, and that’s that for this year. I could do more and go crazy with it, but this is manageable and allows it to be something that could grow someday but still maintains my focus within my family and with the coffee. So…yay?

Did I mention I make fantastic body bars? Yummers!

Wow….I am tired! I need to sleep but I’m dreading the air mattress; it just doesn’t do a body good. But, Jem will be up before 6:00am so I need to get some crash time in. Man I love my son. He is the most beautiful gift God ever created for me.

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  1. Dana says:

    seriously can’t WAIT to try your body balm and your coffee…I will hopefully be coming through sometime this summer. Can I pop in for a visit?

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