Good evening 🙂
We’re in the Valley; roasting coffee, visiting with the grandparents, catching up on sushi and traffic and asphalt. Early this morning I played with a herd of yearlings with Jem on my back. Later, I rode my favorite mount (of the four) through a new section of the property and discovered a whole mass of Saskatoon berry bushes on the verge of ripeness. As we drove away from the ranch we came across a young black bear foraging in an open field. Since arriving back in the city I’ve cooked a mass of bean curry, read a book on the back porch, and gulped in hours of high-speed internet while leaving phone messages through free long-distance calling. What a day!

I’m do tired. I find my mind is too filled with ideas and projects and opportunities (and caffeine) to settle down in the evening. And now, well, there’s just so much to look at and screen-shop and such 😉 Ah yes.


I’m doing well. WE’RE doing well. I’m learning a lot and also re-learning. It’s an interesting exercise to return to this home in the Valley and feel some the frayed replay of emotions and strain of the spring and remember some of those days. Now, from my temporary plateaued home, I can see some of the very acute points of weakness and failure of the newly ended season. There are twinges of remorse and guilt and sadness, though these are paired with a new and living resolve and strength. In only months, I have become another person all over again. It’s fascinating.

Part of what I am learning this month is that any life can be ‘loaded’ any where. We can stress or sin or break or whatever in an overworked office or an abandoned mountain, we can blame the boss or the weather or the Creator of them, we can run or hide or whatever. The pulse of a life less loaded lives within hourly choice of conscience and faith and value. It moves through health and confidence; unity of marriage and body and spirit; freedom to risk and fail.

I’ve tried and failed and tried and failed again, so now we continue to try and walk and dance and swirl within it all. And it’s beautiful. And we’ll fail again. And we’ll unload and laugh and cry and …. And we’ll learn and live and live learning; learn living.

Lovin’ it….

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  1. Kmarie says:

    I love this post. It is real, honest and profound in your discoveries. When I read it I felt accepted to be different and valued for the choices i am making even if they are different from yours. It was nice to feel that there isnt a set standard to judge who or who doesnt have a life less loaded. It felt good to know that even if people choose to have more things it may be because they need to share more… we just never know, because their heart may be in a very less loaded state as well. We are all so different and I love how accepting of that you are. I was uplifted and encouraged and happy for you:)

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