Rough stock

It’s been awhile! Sorry!

Last night I was presented with a reminder to live well, embrace those lives dear to me, and keep short accounts of all issues, questions, and burdens. I decided to teach myself how to ride the dirtbike and, upon finding that I was SO awesome at it ;), decided to head down the road on a zippy little adventure. Long story short: I hit the dirt. Bike spinning, helmet plowing, and bare arms skidding, I plastered myself onto the gravel road. It hurt. It scared me. It reminded me that one can never know when that conversation or phone call or lack of was the last.

This afternoon I’m stiff and scraped and exhausted, but I’m in one piece and enjoying my sweet life with my family. Who knows? Maybe a little faster or a forgotten helmet… today might have looked much different.

Thank you for sharing life with me today.


Thoughts? Comments? Hmm....

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