Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!!!
This weekend finds us in deepening thoghts of thankfulness as we continue on our journey in action and ‘the seen’, as well as in processing and connecting all these points of life. This time last year we were celebrating with family in Alberta, convinced that we’d finally settled in for the long haul in our little town. Now, after a year of motion and change and, we are again in that mindset of, “here we are, this is it, we’re not moving for at least a decade!”. I pray that this time next year we will be reflecting with thankfulness on a year of roots and home and growth. Here.

So now. Sitting by the woodstove in our room. It is COLD up here! (about -10 celcius). The water trough is frozen and the dilema of the weekend is how to get water to our 5 horses. The lake is foggy and grey. My toes are numb, my nose is wet, and Jem’s cheeks are rosy rosy red. It feels like Christmas 🙂 It’s funny, one of the (many) factors in moving West instead of other locations was the lure of mild and moist winters in the Valley. Hahaha. Now we’re 4000 feet higher in a dry and soon to be bone-chilling cold. Interesting how things work…..

In other news….
Our little cabin continues to be developed. The tin was started this week and now the roof is halfway completed. There is still much to be done, but we keep walking up there and looking ahead with growing excitement. This might really happen! Well actually, this IS really happening! We’re going to have a sweet little home to cozy up in by Christmas and I can hardly wait. Logs hewn from this land and fires burning as we cozy up with babies and dreams.

Well, time to go. This was a little scattered but I’m determined to update more, here and there. Again, happy weekend, give thanks!

4 Responses to “Giving Thanks”
  1. Keith and Jamie says:

    Babies? Plural??

  2. Kmarie says:

    Did you say babies? As in plural? Well, I am glad you will have a home by christmas…we were gonna invite you guys here if your cabin was not done…but I am so happy you are having a cozy christmas.Sounds like a perfect old fashioned Holiday! Sending thanksgiving greetings and thankful that we have your friendshipLove Kissa

  3. Keren Louise says:

    I also noticed the "babies" reference.

  4. Dea' says:

    Eeks– babies FUTURE plural. (not pregnant and not trying!) We do look forward to sharing our home and life with babies, someday 🙂

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