What a weekend! We’ve taken a couple of days away from the ranch while the owners are up and are taking some time to visit J’s folks, have an evening out (sans baby), and try to snag some stocking stuffers. We just came in from a run through the mall and I again find myself with mixed feelings. I used to be all about the shopping and the hum and hub of it all, then I swung to “AH! No! Never!” and now, well, I hardly know. We took time to talk with some of the aritsans who had tables in the central areas and picked up some sweet wooden toys from Africa. I avoided certain sections (sale racks of new women’s clothes which I don’t need but sure would have snatched up if within arm’s reach!), stopped in others for a ‘fix’ (starbucks!), and allowed a breath of frustration at the attraction of stopping at just one big box store and collecting every stocking stuffer I could want. With a baby in the rain and limited time, well, it’s easy. With a conscience and a set of growing ideals rooted in our family, well, it’s tricky. Hm.

Anyways. There’s something about these trips that makes my head feel somewhat foggy. I’m tired (c’mon, I’m a mama!), but it’s more than that. I think I get so excited at the thought of a weekend away but I always forget that they involve traffic and questions and the continuation of broken sleep and early mornings. A true ‘get away’ lives more in the mind-set then in the location. If J and I are at peace with one another and Jem is content and our minds aren’t stressed or distracted by finances or tasks or issues, then we can experience a true weekend of rest.

I have a few minutes before the boys wake up (yup, they’re both napping). I need coffee…. I apologize for the fragmented feel of this post, perhaps I’ll try again once I’ve got some of those GreenValley beans dripping through my system 😉

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  1. missy says:

    The plan has been to avoid the shopping craziness as much as possible this christmas and has worked out well (esp since we just do a couple of gifts for our own little family) but Dan needed me to not be with him yesterday so I went to the mall for 20 minutes. I have to say I hated it….I saw nothing that I would want to buy and it just seemed loud and crazy, not what I can handle right now.:)

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