(I’ve posted this on FB and xanga and such, but it’s such a big thing I figured reptition is allowed…Thanks.)
Happy Anniversary! One year ago today we started this crazy new journey life, kicked off by the recession and the choices of a business owner. One year later, we are changed, weaker, stronger people for it. Billy, live long and prosper.

Posted one year ago today (midnight, so posted as the 16th but from the 15th..)
Scene opens:
Wife waiting for Husband. He’s late…. Supper ready, baby happy, coffee on
(Husband enters)
Wife: Hi! Welcome home! You’re late, I was getting worried! Supper’s ready when you are
(Baby laughs and throws toy)
(Husband tries to straigten up and stand a little taller)
Husband: So… I was laid off just now….
Wife: ….
Wife: Wooooow…. Huh. Huh? Hmmm…. I love you.
Husband: I love you.
Wife: Wooooow….. Hmm…. woooow…. crazy….
Husband: Yup, good times.
(Husband chuckles)
Wife: Huh…interesting…
(Baby laughs and blows bubbles at Daddy)
Wife: Well. I made supper and there’s fresh coffee. Let’s sit and eat.
Husband: Thanks Love, this looks awesome
(Couple clasps hands in prayer. Baby laughs.)
Wife: Well. Wow. I love you. So. Whaddya think? B***ys an ass hey?
Husband: Ah, but he’s not happy or content. But it’s all good. Let’s take a look at things and see what could be, ya never know….
Wife: Hon’…it’s the week before Christmas. When does this start?
Husband: Effective immediatly.
Wife: Hm. Woooow. Huh.
(Baby reaches for his dad)
Husband: I was kinda looking forward to the Christmas party. i already rsvp’d….
Wife: Ha. Yeah. Wow. huh… Well, I love you crazy man. Time to see what could be….
Husband: I love you.
(Baby laughs, unaware)

It’s been an interesting evening.
Lots going on and lots to think about.

One Response to “remembering”
  1. Kmarie says:

    I lost your zanga blog in May and L says that I should read it. ( I forgot you had it) Can you send me the link again?

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