The Good

January 3rd and it’s a beautiful morning! I just went and stood on our infinished veranda and was stunned by the view; thick frost, fog, mountains, and shafts of sunlight sparkling through it all. Gorgeous.

One of the challenging and blessed things about stepping into January is the undeniable obligation to move ahead. It’s not ‘that year’ anymore. That’s done, it’s over. I am not invited to wallow, I am not asked to focus on what was but on what may be. There is no benefit in letting my mind root itself in the shadows while denying the light that is causes them. As one songwriter perfectly states, “The shadows prove the sunshine” How utterly fantastic.  For all the processing and mourning and difficulties presented within our journey, I can say with confidence that it was well worth it and we will rejoice. It’s a fresh morning, a morning to let things roll away and to embrace the beauty ahead. Great things have been done and our road remains open, ‘To high places by narrow roads!’

Friends (for whether I know you are reading this or not, we are friends and fellow travllers), I invite you to consider the path ahead this year. Many many peers have walked in the shadows these past 12 months and many have shadows ahead, but for today I pray light and life to your road and the freedom to see the good in the difficult.


Thoughts? Comments? Hmm....

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