How do you like the new template? I am, quite obviously, in the midst of some blog renovations 🙂 Here’s the thing: Looking ahead to some of my goals with writing, the current publishing market, and my absolute enjoyment of the blogging community, I’m hoping to develop a more ‘reader friendly’ blog platform. I want to interact more effectively, share our background and story more easily (without forcing people to scroll through 108 posts!), and have a look and feel which is both professional and personal. I’m currently hovering between this blogspot zone, a typepad investment, and a wordpress option. Any thoughts?
There are so many pros and cons with each, ranging from cost to ease of use to template features. I’ve already invested FAR too much time on this and am losing valuable time actually writing, so I need to get this tied up right away.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions. Happy blogging!

6 Responses to “”
  1. Lola says:

    Love it, way to go.

  2. Lola says:

    Oh, I really like typepad but got a squarespace spot for Christmas and it's easy to use and gives me loads of design options. I think typepad is pretty much the same. Never tried wordpress but this blogspot space is nice.

  3. Kmarie says:

    Love this- what is it?Does it cost? This suits you too.

  4. Marissa says:

    I am maybe a minority, but I personally prefer the less graphically busy look that you had before….looking at your blog made me feel peaceful…a rarity in web usage for me. But this is totally cute and fun too

  5. Dea' says:

    Thanks a ton for the feedback! Hm, I think it might need to check out square space…. i've spent some morning time working on the wordpress space. It's still not exactly what I'm looking for but the 'pages' option is of high importance to me.Other:- doesn't cost, just broswed for blogspot templates (really easy, once Jer helped 😉 )- I agree about the peacefulness of the other. I like how this one reflects aspects of 'me', but I'm not sure if it's something I'd like to pass on for professional use. Hmm….

  6. Lola says:

    I really like the simplicity of this page and I love the options for additional pages.

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