Sprouts and such

Deserving a catagory all its own, I LOVE sharing thoughts and experiences around food food food!

Today I want to encourage you to experiment with sprouts! i’ve discussed sprouts before (sprouted bread, sprouted grains in the morning hot cereal, etc.)  but the newest beloved sprout in our home is currently the mung bean.
A staple in most thai and Asian/fusion cooking, the mung bean is green and adorable when dry, and crisp and fresh when soaked (tastes like a green pea out of the garden!). The beans are incredibly cheap to purchase out of the grocer’s bulk bins and, since they swell to at least double or triple their original size, a little goes a long way.

This year we really cut down on our meat consumption. While I’m not going to chat on the issues in our current meat markets (as least not today), we try to avoid any meat that isn’t grass-fed organic (and hopefully local). Unfortunately, this kind of meat is pricier. Our solution is to buy quality cuts and grade, serve it well, and eat it less. So how do these little mungs play into less meat?

As most of you know, beans are high in protein (and fiber and folate and all kinds of great things). They also soak up all kinds of savoury flavours and add fantastic texture and depth to a dish with no fat or sugar. An ultra-afforadable, lean, tasty, and creative source of protein and goodness? Yes please!

Here’s what we’re currently tossing our sprouted mungs into:
– Taco beef! Yup, SO good! With about 2/3 veggie to 1/3 meat, it’s healthy, tasty, and filling.
I brown up 1 pound of organic grass fed beef (about 2 cups) then add in 2-3 cups sprouted mungs, diced onions, kernel corn, and diced peppers. The result is enough burrito filling for multiple meals, no ‘ugh! greasy taco!’ feeling, and a savory filler that even the guys rave about. (season with your favorite taco mix, garlic, or your own combo of cumin/chili/etc).
– Salad
Sprouts, chopped lettuce, peanuts, broken uncooked asian noodles, and a sesame/soy based dressing gives a great salad!
– Curry
Using mungs in our green curry is just normal now. I generally use the beans with a yam, white onion, and assortment of peppers. Toss in the crockpot with green curry paste and cocounut milk and your on your way.

And whatever else you want to balance out and fill; chow mein, soups, sitrfries, spagetti, it’s all open to the goofy little mung sprouts 🙂

(Speaking of sprouts, time to start a new batch soaking….)

6 Responses to “Sprouts and such”
  1. sadie says:

    Thanks Dee, for the ideas!! How long do you soak them for?

    • Dea' says:

      1. Rinse them in a mesh strainer (swish them around, get them all cleaned up)
      2. Soak them in a jar of water (cool/room temp), away from the sun (I use a cabinet in the kitchen) for 8-12 hours.
      3. Rinse well, back in the jar with fresh water for another 8’ish hours
      4. Rinse AGAIN, and if they’re at the size you like then store in the fride for up to 4 days (in a container without water) OR back into the jar and cabinet, moist but without excess water, for another round or two.

      Iknow others do it differently and you can even purhase ‘sprouters’ but this has worked fine so far. I’ve found cheesecloth on the mouth of the jar (secured with a metal ring or elastic) can work well for the rinsing and draining.
      If you leave them too long they might go rancid, so be sure to rinse.
      (I used this same system for wheat and other beans)
      Good luck!!!

  2. melanie says:

    Hey, I love your new site! Way to go, girl!

  3. Jenivere says:

    I love mung bean sprouts! I’ve not been creative enough to put them on anything but salad, and I NEVER would have thought of taco meat! I’m going to look into this more today. Thanks!

    • Dea' says:

      They’re seriously awesome in the taco meat! They soak up all the flavour and add great texture. Jeremy actually prefers the meat with the sprouts as he isn’t left feeling so greasy.

  4. Missy says:

    thanks for the ideas…I am going to add them to our meal tonight!

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