Good morning!

I’ve missed a few days on here- sorry! I was wrapped up in the beautiful visit of my friends, then concocting some new ‘green’ cleaners for The Ranch, and then in and out of town for random doctor’s visits. The week is flying!
Now I’m up with sweet Jem. GreenValley is brewing, sprouted cereal is simmering (oh there will be a post on THAT soon!),and  Sarah Brightman is wafting through the kitchen as we begin our morning. Miah is SO funny right now. He insists on doing his ‘chores’: feeding the dog, feeding the cat, and sharing the milk from his morning cereal with both of them. He’s so earnest with his tasks and won’t let himself be distracted. I finally took a video as he trekked back and forth from pantry to dog bed carrying two or three kibbles at a time and then skipping back with peals of laughter. Now he’s growling at his dried apples 😉

Anyways. I have some new things I just must pass on in the next few days. These include the oh too tasty vegirittos, the fantastic sprouted maple cereal, and the solution to my mess of a bathroom drawer. Oh, and of course some reflections on life and marriage and work and culture and…. Yeah J

One Response to “Hello!”
  1. jenivere says:

    Oooo…can’t wait to read about all if those!

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