Hello Friday!

My son raced by a few minutes ago, stopping to grab a book on his way. He dissapeared around the corner with a grin, and the ‘slap slap’ of his bare feet on hardwood was soon quiet. “Hmm…” thought I, munching winter carrots and hummus, “Silence when it is neither nap time nor midnight is usually a sign of mischief afoot!” I grabbed the camera and followed his road to my bedroom. There on the bed, seated royally on top of the cat and beside the dog, my son was solemly ‘reading aloud’.
It’s moments like these which make me especially love being a mama 🙂

As today is Friday and the end of a week of some good hardwork, we decided to kick of the weekend at noon. Simmering a large pot of organic beef, mushrooms, onions, and GARLIC, I prepared an utterly fantastic pasta sauce to pour over roasted strands of spagettie squash.
Unfortunately, I neglected to put the squash in the oven with anywhere near enough time to cook so we had the sauce with (gasp!) white ol’ spaggetti noodles. It was delicious!!! (though our feast was followed by a major carb crash leading to a nap! ;)) Oh, and the leftover sauce will be enjoyed over the squash which is now (finially!) finished cooking.
To reawaken the mind and body I suited up and hit the beautiful cross-country ski trail. While we didn’t catch sight of the moose and elk which have been seen by others lately, we did thoroughly enjoy the mild temperatures and fresh snow while burning off our ridiculous Friday feast.

With the weekend at the door I scrubbed and sani’d the sinks (they just make things look so much nicer so quickly) , did my hair, donned my most adorable dress, and sent my husband off for some much-needed alone time.
When a couple shares work/day hours on so many levels, it is easy to slip into assumptions on time or laziness with appearance or neglect of weekends or date nights. When we were both working full-time, it was known far and wide that Fridays were Date Night and reserved soley for the two of us. Now, living in a setting where the work is never done, where weekends are more than often filled with guests and projects, and where most tasks involve dirt, hay, or manure, well, smooth hair and cute dresses are somewhat rare.
So today we celebrate Friday and the weekend. Nachoes will be enjoyed, a movie watched, and perhaps even some games played or a chapter of our book read aloud. There’s company coming Monday and a ranchful of guests Thursday through the weekend so tonight we rest and enjoy.

How do you celebrate the end of the week? How have you preserved time alone and/or as a couple and family in the midst of changing seasons and obligations? What makes a night off special?


Thoughts? Comments? Hmm....

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