True spring?

I was blessed with a trip to see some friends back over the mountains for three days and returned to the ranch yesterday. I left with ample mud on the roads, ice on the lake, and that continued sense of delayed spring. I returned however, to an overall turning of green, a dry(er) lane, and an open lake chorusing with birdsong and frog serenades! How amazing! I had no idea that such noticeable change could take place over such a short period. I’m very encouraged!
Last night I stood out on the deck and it was still warm, even in the darkness. The frogs were so loud and everything smelled like new life and soil. Our morning walk took us down to the lake and we saw the nesting eagles back in action as trout leapt all around us. I think I might need to try for some fish for supper this evening!

With the beautiful shift into this delightful season, I find myself in ‘nesting stage’ for my garden. I unpacked my pots, stood and gazed at the corral area where I’ll be planting, and am now trying to figure out how and where to place some beds around the cabin. I’m hoping to do a collection of raised beds using lumber from the building sight, poles from the old fences, and boulders from around the pasture. An issue will be top soil, but I think I’ll try building up the beds with hay and organic matter as much as I’m able and use whatever bits of soil I can find to sprinkle on top for seeds. What do you think?
I can hardly wait for fresh produce! Our grocery bill adds up so quickly with all the vegetables we consume, so I can hardly wait to have ample fresh offerings at our door. Now for some eggs and milk…!
The muddy baby gardener is napping now so I need to unpack and concoct something for lunch for that farmer man on the tractor outside.


Thoughts? Comments? Hmm....

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