Bears and Blue People

Yesterday, the ranch had a sense of restlessness. J was away in the Valley for the entire day and Jem and I were taking care of things ourselves. Everything about us held a sense of awareness and energy. The dog was growling, the horses were in constant motion; running, whinnying, fighting, and eying the horizon; and a whole herd of deer bounded right past us through the driveway. It was bizarre! The hours seemed to drag as we focused on completing our tasks in the midst of such a unique atmosphere, and I finally called J to comment that either the weather was shifting or a new animal was passing through.
Well, this morning as I made my way to clean Big House, I noticed Cana pause and stare. Following her gaze I was surprised to see a large, sleek, black bear browsing in the marsh by the lake! He moved into the bush without incident, but a few hours later upon returning to my work we saw him yet again. What a beautiful sight!
I grew up around bears and have a sensible appreciation for them. I find it encouraging to see some motion in the forest and am pleased the loggers and weekend quadders haven’t disturbed all our fur-clothed community. This is the time of year where omnivores like bears tend to travel and forage while awaiting summer’s abundance, so I expect he’ll move on in a day or so. We wandered back there this evening to see if we could catch a glimpse, but didn’t have the privilege.
Anyways. Fun days. Tonight was Date Night and we enjoyed nachos and the movie Avatar. Have you seen it? If not, I highly recommend it. I don’t recommend being swayed by the hype or critique or reviews though. Just watch it for yourself, with an open mind, and see what you can learn from the story. After this, my second viewing, I continue to find it an engaging story with a challenging message (and this coming from one immersed in mostly Austen and Dickens these days!).
Anyways. Much more to say but it’s late and morning comes early. Take care amidst your own bears and stories this weekend 


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