Mother’s Day

Putting my feet up

Motherhood…what a fantastic mystery! Being a mom is one of those unique roles where you really can’t ‘get it’ until you’re there. Exhausting and rewarding, it’s a beautiful confusion.
My Mother’s Day involved pancakes (banana/oatmeal/chocchip), digging in the dirt, reading in the sun, a ridiculously good dinner (more on that another time!), and a quiet kayak on the lake. It was gorgeous! My boys were great and I was blessed. Part of my gift was a fancy new laser printer; one more step towards preparing my goods for my Etsy project!
This morning I’m sleepy after a 5:30am start and struggling to get organized. It feels like there’s so much to do…. Yesterday was so blissfully indulgent and now I need to refocus and be productive. I’ve started to pull out the newborn goods and am wooed all over by the tiny newborn diapers. I have plans to play with my printer and labels. I should bake something and look ahead to dinner. I should…nap. Haha, ah the productive pregnant woman! I think I’m quite productive in producing this new little person, right? Hm.
Well, the sun is shining and the frost is melting. Time to make the most of the hours!

One Response to “Mother’s Day”
  1. Kit says:

    How many people can organize, bake, work technical equipment, and make a baby all at the same time?? 😉

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