rain day (without the pics)

(Grr! I spent SO much time adding a whole pile of photos to this post and it totally messed up the whole site. How frustrating! The only way to fix it was to copy the text and delete everything else. It was so fun documenting our rain day. Sad.)

WET. That one word sums up the day. Wet wet gloriously wet! The rain is still pouring down and it is just gorgeous. The temperature has remained mild, the green is bursting out on every blade and branch, and being soaked and muddy feels more refreshing than dingy. Jeremiah, surpassing my satisfaction of just observing and smelling the rain, has insisted on being outside ALL day. He kept coming to me every few minutes (boots already on) and ‘walked’ me to the door with all kinds of explanations. So, with most of our work gone and Papa in town, we took advantage of the puddles and the air. We walked. We explored. We got soaked. We came in and snacked and cuddled and ran back out again. I think we went on five separate ‘explorations’ in the rain. Surprisingly (or not!) he’s still full of energy. Even now, bathed and swaddled up in bed, he’s chattering away and eager to get back out there. I sure hope I never have to bring this boy back to the city!

So now, cozied by the fire and waiting for fresh spring rhubarb crisp. Jer is home and we’re going to take some time together. The rain is still falling and the clouds are low around the house. Beautiful.

One Response to “rain day (without the pics)”
  1. Rain? We sure could use some here.
    I am off to google a recipe for rhubarb crisp as a neighbor just dropped some off for us.
    Warm wishes, Tonya

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