Gettin’ a kick out of it!

Is it really Tuesday? It somehow feels like a weekend…. There seems to be a bit of a festive air about since the owners and guests are up at the ranch and there’s a new horse settling into the pasture.

We just returned from a gorgeous trail ride; a time to enjoy the spring weather while giving Kole (the new gelding) some quality time with his new herd-mates. The ride went well and we were pleased to see the horses settling in together. Settled, that is, until we were dismounted at home and Kole and I stepped into the personal space of the goofy mare. With a squeal and a jump, she planted a swift kick to my ribs!
I’m fine and Baby Boy is fine, but things might not have been so fine if I’d been an inch closer or hadn’t twisted away in that split second. I all teary and quivery now as I catch my breath at home and realize how quickly the unexpected can take place. Working with horses is always an adventure (and I love it!) but with a vulnerable baby boy pushing out ahead of me, a simple accident could quickly turn tragic.
This is my last week up in the saddle until after birth and recovery. I love riding and, even moreso, love just workng with these creatures in a schooling-type environment. But as of an hour ago I’m suddenly more at peace with stepping back for a week bit. A reminder this tangible (as a hoof shaped bruise raises on my back…) is quite effective at clarifying my priorities.

Anyways. Happy Tuesday. I wish you all a safe and happy week together šŸ™‚

2 Responses to “Gettin’ a kick out of it!”
  1. Oh my. That is so scary!! I’m so glad you two are okay and that you will be taking a break from that part of your duties!!

  2. Kmarie says:

    I am so relieved you are ok. Close call. Good for you for taking a step back- when are u due again? Wow- j must have been worried.

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