Be ye kind

What a trip!
We just passed through the border back into Canada. The sun is hot, the kiddo is happy and still amused by the trucks, and I’m more than ready to get out and stretch my legs. We’re only an hour from our next stop; a weekend at my sweet in-laws. We might check out a vehicle on the way as well as we’re considering selling the Matrix now, but we’ll see. For the moment, I’m just revelling in the fact that we really did it! (Oh my, I suddenly have Dora the Explorer’s voice in my head: “We did it, we DID it, we did it, Horray!! That’s what I get for checking into TV this week!). But honestly, wow. We’ve completed somewhere around 45 hours of highway driving, passed through five states, and shared one of the most spontaneous and necessary vacations ever, just in seven days. Good times!

Anyways. I wrote the following while on the road last night. 

Have you ever been surprised by kindness?
For those who regularly follow this story, you’ll know that the past weeks have presented some unexpected changes in our life of home and work at The Ranch.  While we had looked forward to a time of ‘rootedness’ within our home and occupation, it looks like things will be changing within the next several months.
The first couple of days after we were notified of the change, we found ourselves struggling. Everything from uncontrollable tears to uterine contractions to sleeplessness enveloped us in those first forth-eight hours of processing. Simply and respectfully stated: it was difficult.

Some aspects of the current engagement remain difficult as we collect ourselves and look ahead. It’s not insurmountable though and while we have yet to form a real plan, our family is in a place of peace and confidence. (and…I’m trying not to be nervous or wonder just how this peace and confidence is going to remain as we near the time of birth as well as another life change….)

But anyways. My point!
Our last week of travelling and processing has been highlited by something particularly fantastic. The unreserved kindness of friends. From computer screen to phones to homes, a collection of peers and family have offered unreserved offerings of kindness. From simple one-liner notes of encouragement to unhesitating invitations of welcome into the home, the tones and expressions of simple KINDNESS have reverberated deeply within us.
Perhaps it’s the months of working so hard to please those who remain displeased. Or perhaps it’s letting our hearts shift to remember what it’s like to give and receive without one depending on the other. Whatever the reason, these gifts of voice and action have been such a balm and inspiration.

Kindness is a beautiful beautiful thing that we can each  offer one another. That’s what true organic living is about. It’s life; growing and in motion, changing and supporting, expressing health and abundance. Thank you….

2 Responses to “Be ye kind”
  1. Jaralei says:

    Hi, Deanna

    I stumbled across your blog and was intrigued by what I read, so went back to the beginning and … yes I read the entire blog. I was drawn into your story, and inspired by your journey. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Kit says:

    🙂 Yay.

    and random and cool about Jaralei.

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