mama goes to market

oh my, how I LOVE a good farmer’s market!!! This morning we drove into the biggest one in BC. It was more than lovely! There was a vendor for every kind of thing that could be grown or crafted in this beautiful beautiful province. We picked up gorgeous fresh basil, a HUGE cabbage, zuchinni, samosas, cherries, and tomatoes. Of course, everything was grown organically and right in the area. I LOVE that it was more odd to find a vendor with sprayed produce or plastic bags than organics and sweet market baskets.
This evening I’m going to bake up a traditional margerhita pizza with all that fresh basil and tomatoes and cheese. I hope it turns out cuz it sounds like just the right plate to end a great summer’s day out 🙂

What’s your favorite market find? Do you have a booth? What unexpected things have you found at your local stop? (my ‘whoa…weird’ find today was kale chips. Weird hey?!)

Happy saturday!

2 Responses to “mama goes to market”
  1. Natasha says:

    Lol! We have a ton of kale in our garden, so our big snack this summer has been kale chips – much tastier than they sound!

  2. thismama says:

    that is so great!

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