I’m sitting on the deck. Evening has fallen. The bulls and mamas are bawling, loons and coyotes calling, water dripping from two days of storms. The air is sweet, heady, like that whiff of enticing perfume you might snatch when passing a Lady. It’s like Christmas and honey and strawberry- water, all in a cool mist. Perfect. The moon is rising and she’s getting larger. I’m so drawn to her these nights as my own moon grows in fullness, as we mark days and tides together.

 I sit and am quiet and nothing is quiet around me, yet everything is still. My mountain is preparing for rest, or for some, a new evening’s day. I almost feel nocturnal myself this hour. Perhaps it is an early stir to nest or perhaps the privacy that comes with the cooling of the day. My eyes feel wide and my mind is curious. How interesting; these two worlds of light and darkness, daily moving in and out with everything the same and everything different.

 I love this mountain. It is mine, yet not at all and not for long, and not ever, really. I want to imprint each scene and scent upon my memory and that of my sons, to ensure they know the beauty of the seasons we shared here and all the swirled around us. But that’s the thing with seasons; the swirl and the turn, the growth and the fall. I cannot remember it for them, I can just breathe with the moon this evening and listen to the range mamas telling their babes to tuck in, that everything’s just fine, that tomorrow is going to be beautiful.

4 Responses to “lullaby”
  1. mel says:

    beautiful post Dee. So true how the seasons change. I trust that the Lord will imprint these memories in your heart.

    Love you!

  2. Lacey says:

    My last post was also about the moon. I have always been so enchanted by it. I feel drawn like a moth to it’s light. Tonight I hooped (hula hoop dancing) in it’s light and for a moment I felt like the moon was mine and I was hers. This is a beautiful post. Pregnancy truly brings out the mysterious and lovely side of us women, does it not?! I am excited to hear more about your boys. I have 2 boys as well. Both so different and I enjoy watching their stories unfold in front of me. A mother of boys has such a wonderful duty to raise boys who are strong but gentle, honorable and merciful, loving and kind. Blessing to you. Enjoy your mountain. The next season of life will most likely be very different, but also just as enjoyable. Like each new season, it has it’s own beauty, it’s own weather, it’s own feel. I enjoy reading your writings. They resonate with my inner voice…..

    • Dea' says:

      Thank you for the kind and encouraging words 🙂 I had a picture of you hooping in the light of the moon and it seemed so…fantastic. There really IS something about the moon, especially in seasons of fertility and inner womanhood. The moon you were dancing too is the same moon I was gazing at. She was watching us both. How beautiful is that!?

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