summer skin!

I’m not known for my clear and creamy complexion. I receive comments on my freckles and glances at my pores and premature wrinkles, but that soft and rosy canvas hasn’t been mine since the toddler years. This past winter, through what seems to be a combination of hormones, stress, and various environmental factors such as dry wind, hay, and lots of fresh paint fumes, my face became especially unpleasant. I developed (what my doctor stated as) psoriasis on half my face and was becoming convinced that it was there to stay.

And then summer arrived!

Mild temperatures, humidity, open doors, and horses on pasture began to alleviate the irritation. Within that, I switched up my routine and began a morning wash of finely ground oatmeal mix with a couple drops of lavender and a bit of water, followed by a generous rubbing of coconut oil all around and a glorious rose-petal oil around my eyes. My skin is drinking it in!

I’m still covered in freckles and my pores can be seen across the lake, but there’s a new and glowing sense of health. While scarred, that psoriasis patch has cleared up and even the dry wrinkly parts are plumping up. I’m enjoying my morning face and loving how simple and nurturing my routine feels.

I don’t often write on beauty and face care these days, but this is just such an encouraging thing to me that I thought I’d see if it helped anyone else.

For your own experimentation:
Morning Oatmeal Scrub:
– Finely grind about ¼ cup of large/slow oats in a nut grinder and just keep it on hand in your drawer or by your sink
– in the morning, use about ½ tbsp in the palm of your hand and mix with a wee bit of water and a drop or two of essential oil: lavender for damaged/sensitive, rosemary for acenic, neroli or helichyrsum for aged (and if you have that kind of money to use on your face! 😉 ).
– Gently massage into face and neck. Rinse off with warm water and soft cloth.
– Follow with some pure coconut oil (I use about ½ tsp, rubbed in my hands and then gentle spread across face).
– Finish with a nourishing eye oil. I’m currently using a combination fresh wild rose petals steeped in about ½ cup of jojoba and apricot oils. (these oils are great for most skin types as they are readily absorbed and don’t clog pores). It’s seriously divine! For aged/dry/mature skin, add in some luscious rosehip seed oil. Using your ring finger, apply under the eye, around the outside, and over (not going near the tear duct).
– Oh yeah, don’t forget to follow (daily!) with a nice natural sun screen!

Let me know if you try this out and how it works for you! Happy beautiful skin day!

6 Responses to “summer skin!”
  1. sadie says:

    oh so glad you’ve found something that works for you! Do you think it will work well in the winter too?

  2. thismama says:

    This sounds great…and since I just ran out of all my face stuff that I loved, I think I will try this.

  3. thismama says:

    So I have been doing a combo of the oatmeal and lavender and am currently liking it alot! My skin feels great and not irritated at all and it is so easy. I have been keeping it within reach of the shower and just using it on my face while I shower, no mess. I also love coconut oil on the skin which I have over the last year discovered has great antibacterial qualities and clears up baby and mama skin alike!

    • Dea' says:

      oh yay!!! That’s awesome!! It’s still working really well for me, I love it. I’ve never loved my ‘morning’ skin, but when I start with this it just feels so fresh and smooth and fragrant, without any stripped or greasy or weirdo feeling. I use it every morning as a quick wash/scrub, and then once or twice a week as a mask (same stuff, just left on till it dries). I too am loving the coconut oil as well. Who knew it could be so versatile and balancing? And just think of how much more affordable this is too…crazy!

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  2. […] use just plain coconut oil on my face and neck after my lavender, oatmeal scrub every morning, but while I love that it just disappears into my skin on my face, I wasn’t […]

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