On this perfect day

Today was one of those ‘perfect’ days. One of those unexpected series of hours which leaves you sleepy but satisfied. Oh what a treat!
With the ranch covered for a couple of days and an opportunity to connect with some birthing people, plans, and details (an exciting post to come!), we spontaneously came down to the Valley. It felt so great to be in the area again! Summer is hot and fruitful down here with lots of fresh produce, gorgeous scenery, and (at this time of year) ample blueberries. While Jer stepped out for a tennis match, I took Jem to a blueberry farm. Seriously, what could be more idyllic for a berry-loving toddler than two-foot tall bushes loaded with huge spray-free berries??? It was perfect! While I filled the bucket he filled his belly. At just $1.25/pound, we left with enough to enjoy for the week.
We came home with brown skin, purple teeth, and some sweet new memories together. Sharing a late supper of home-made sliders and fresh corn, it really felt like summer. (and jem ate THREE sliders [mini-burgers]!!! And TWO cobs! What a man! 😉 )
Anyways. Super tired. Lots going on with details and plans and do many threads of life all swirling about. We’ll be back on the ranch tomorrow evening, loaded with fresh blueberries, corn, and other sweet treats from the Valley.

blueberry boy

blueberry mama

babies at the b-berry farm

2 Responses to “On this perfect day”
  1. Delynne says:

    I’m so glad for your perfect day. It sounds just right!

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