Open. Open up. Be open.
These words played in my head as I drove through the lush Valley, back to my in-laws home. I had just met with my midwife (My midwife. I got one!) and was surrounded by that sense of providence and fit. Everything was coming together, and everything required that I just open up. Somehow I connected with a sweet B&B who just happened to pass me onto a fantastic doula who somehow me to a highly-regarded midwife. Somehow schedules opened up, even with only ten weeks to go before our due date, and somehow it had all begun to flow. Every meeting and email and new relationship that had come up was totally unexpected and unconventional, but it just seemed so perfect.

Preparing for birth is such a unique experience. The season and setting we’re currently in is so incredibly different than Jeremiah’s preparation and drawing me into a unique awareness of self. I was trying to explain it to Jeremy and I kept getting stuck between using ‘empowered’ and ‘freeing’, and I suppose my current presence of heart is somewhere right in between those two.
While physically tired, I find I’m also energized, focused, and sharply creative. I feel courageous, somehow. Little things like finding a new blueberry farm or driving to a new city on my own or ordering a bunch of photo prints, are all affirming my sense of life and ability. It’s that opening up, that sense of and need for breath and expansion. In a very little time, my body will open up and deliver a stunning gift to the world. In the weeks before and the years after, I need to cultivate that openness of spirit as I continue to breathe through the peaks and strains and look towards the beautiful.

I love this beautifully unexpected and unknown season. There’s still so much to do and process and figure out with our employment and planning and a million-billion other details, but one way or another, it’s all going to happen. Like this baby boy within me, each new step will mature and be birthed. Very little that’s coming is going to be comfortable or easy, but it will be good in its time.

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  1. Kmarie says:

    Beautiful picture, beautiful post, Perfect perspective. Inspirational.
    I love moments when it all falls together unexpectedly.
    I am so happy for your new peace- I have been praying.
    I love this post. I was encouraged and inspired with some food for thought:)

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