I had walked, snacked, browsed, and sat through three too many old sitcom episodes. Now, with the rest the of the cabin hours into sleep and midnight already past, I needed a new plan. Why couldn’t I sleep!? The combination of third trimester awkwardness with FM pain and aggravating Restless Legs had made sleep impossible for weeks.
As I stepped outside in the night air I was stuck by the star-scattered sky. I dropped down and lay straight upon the cold deck planks. Hard and chilly and silent. Perfect. I was reminded of childhood campouts and star showers, as well as our impending departure and the fact that this was our last August to witness this sky.
Slipping back inside, I stripped the couch of its cushions, grabbed blankets, and set up a makeshift beneath the stars. The stars fell around me as the coyotes and bush wolves sang and the dew fell. Sleep still eluded me for hours and the discomfort didn’t lift, but the quiet and the picture above me made it waking time worthwhile.

This morning I’m tired. Happily for me, I awoke to a clean house, happy toddler, and a fresh pot of coffee waiting on the counter and my dewy bed already hung on the line (I had stumbled back inside near morning). What a husband 🙂

I’m frustrated with the lack of sleep; I’ll be denied of that enough come autumn, but camping on the deck was worth it. There’s lots going on here, as always. We spent the day exploring a new area yesterday and came across gorgeous vineyards, orchards, beaches, and paths. I LOVE this province. It felt like the Mediterranean as we wound through vines and sunshine and coastlines. Gorgeous.

On the ranch, things are dry, hot, and browning . There are lots of bears around awaiting the next crop of berries (raspberries and saskatoons) as the strawberries come to an end. The next few days will be a bit hectic, and then Jeremy heads to Alberta for a couple of weeks while Jeremiah and I take care of the cabin and each other. More on that soon. Anyways. I need to get out on my walk while Jem is still napping. I have little motivation for physical exertion right now, but know it’s worth it. Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Lacey says:

    I love the thought of you, big pregnant belly laying awake under the stars. It a picture of such beauty! I think this weekend, baring good weather, I’ll do the same. Minus the belly 🙂

    I think of you guys often, and say a prayer for you all as you get through this time of waiting, anxiety and wonder.

    May God grant you moments of rest.

    • Dea' says:

      Wow, thanks for the support and prayers Lacey…. Wishing you some beautiful weather (and by the way, there’s supposed to be a ‘solar tsunami’ going on tonight, so if you’re up with me in the wee hours be sure to watch for it!).

  2. Jamie says:

    Aahhh… that sounds so nice!! Makes me want to sleep outside tonight. Maybe I will. We’ve opted not to go camping this year but maybe I will plan a mini-camping trip in our yard so I can enjoy those stars you speak of.

    Have you tried taking calcium before bed? The only thing that worked for me to get more rest at the end of pregnancy was to take calcium before bed. It made a HUGE difference. When I took it, I slept; when I didn’t take it, I didn’t sleep. This was my product of choice – http://www.patient.integrativeinc.com/Products/Musculoskeletal/Bone/206011-Liquid-Calcium-Magnesium-with-Botanicals.aspx (comes in other flavors too) – but I’m sure there are many others.

    • Dea' says:

      Ohh…good idea. I’m way low on calcium so my Dr. tripled it. Sadly, I’m even lower on iron and desperately trying to boost that too. Unfortunately, calcium blocks iron absorption (finally heard THAT from my rad midwife) and I’ve been taking an iron dose at bedtime. Maybe I’ll try switching it up. Thanks James! Side note: We’ve found that increasing calcium has really impacted general feelings of muscle health/wellness. Jer can’t go a day without it now or he feels it in his back (he’s had years of back issues till he started increasing this!). I was getting muscle cramps that literally stopped me in my tracks (like, charley horses in my butt!!) and the increase totally stopped them. Anyways… everyone should try it! 😉

      • thismama says:

        And as I have been learning, vit K-2 helps put calcium into the right places (bones and teeth) and keeps if out of the wrong places (building up in arteries).
        I am just wondering though Dea, can’t iron cause insomnia? Could it be adding to your sleep issues by taking it at bedtime?

        • Dea' says:

          Seriously? It causes insomnia? Good to know!!! I was just following the suggestion on the bottle (“take at bedtime…”). Thanks a ton Missy! 🙂

          • thismama says:

            I don’t know where I remember learning this though as I know that an iron deficiency can also cause insomnia and the restless legs….but I remember that from when I was taking it…if I can figure out where, I will let you know.

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