The new now, or what it’s going to be

It feels like it’s about time to share a bit about what we’re looking at in the road ahead. I’ve taken my time posting this as I’m trying to discontinue my vice of jumping into things (ideas, hobbies, statements, etc) before their time. But, I love this community and the conversations which grow from it, so I want to draw you into this next glimpse.

 For you sweet friends who have followed our story, you know that we were given notice in June that our time here on the ranch is coming to an end. While this notice originally caught us off guard and left us with that bizarre ‘falling of a cliff’ sensation for a day or two 😉 , we have been blessed with a growing sense of focus and ‘gathering’ as we look ahead to new things.
As we’ve processed and prayed and weighed out the options, we’ve being presented with the following (in no particular order):

– Our children benefit from a sense of routine and structure. I desire to BE with them; present and active and involved, and to guide them in this structure. Entrepreneurship and Job-sharing as we have done in the past two years, while great fun and offering incredible experiences and opportunities and settings, has turned our structure and roles a muddy shade of grey and left our kiddo wondering just who is going to be home when. It works, but it has a cost.
– Jeremy desires to help people. Months ago (before things changed at the ranch) we had a really enlightening conversation. He shared how, in the future, he hoped to step into a new field in which he could serve/help others and not base his life on his pleasure or choice of environment or finances or comfort. He mentioned med’ school and how he was realizing that things are possible to do in life ,they just might require a different kind of focus and commitment.
– We recognize the benefit of having a profession which offers some kind of mobility and continuity. For example, when things end here at the ranch, we can’t simply ‘transfer’ to the ranch down the mountain, it doesn’t work like that. With an active profession and (applicable) education, if a position ends (for whatever reason) you can continue in the same field somewhere else, without having a major life upset (and yes, we have years of education but the humanities are surprisingly limited in opportunities, and I’m about to have a baby so….)
– Sometimes things take time. And investment. And sacrifice.

So then. We’ve prayed, processed, pondering, etc. We’ve researched. We’ve had some fairly loud discussions. And we’ve made our choice. As of this past weekend, Jeremy is heading back to school and stepping into a brand new field: paramedicine. Translated? Over the next couple of years he will be training and studying to be a paramedic, eventually reaching the highest level in Canada.

Out of the blue? Totally. And not really. And yikes. And wow.

Yesterday he began a major pre-requisite (EMR) in Alberta; a two week intensive course which, when passed with high scores, will enable him to begin the application and competition process to get into a training academy this winter/NewYear. This process is SO intense; exams, interviews, physical, etc., and in the end he has to be in the very top before he can go ahead. This is all just to BEGIN. Once he’s in, it’s three months of classroom and (aprox) three months of practical training. Following this he’ll be a licensed PCP/EMT. From there, he hopes to qualify for the next (and final) stage, a two year full-time session which will leave him with his EMT-P/ACP and grant him mobility into other provinces and countries, and eventually a shot onto air crews such as STARS.
It’s overwhelming. I’m proud of him. It’s terrifying. He’s focused. There’s so much to process….. Anyways.

There are many more details, but this is the main summary of it all for now. As for me and the baby boys, we’re here on our mountain, getting re-acquainted with life “just with mama” and actually having a blast. It’s amazing what can get done when you have to do it. I began officially potty-training Jeremiah this morning (fun post on THAT coming soon!), and have high hopes of cleaning, packing, and putting away meals for post-Baby. I have evenings to myself and, since I’m still not sleeping at night, loads of time to get things accomplished

4 Responses to “The new now, or what it’s going to be”
  1. Lisa says:

    The grace your family has shown in facing these trials is commendable. My prayers are with you and your family. Your most recent post stated that Jeremy is going to study to be a paramedic. Has Jeremy given any thought about going into nursing? Here in the United States the nursing and paramedic programs are around the same length of time for completion. An RN can take a test for EMT and Paramedic certification. RNs may have more options as far as employment goes. I don’t know if things are the same there or not. May god bless and keep you. Lisa

  2. thismama says:

    I am excited for you guys that you are able to take this step ahead and I look forward to hearing about this part of your journey!

  3. Natasha says:

    I’ve been wondering what is in store for you and your family! Change is so scary/exciting/exhausting/empowering. Cheers to the new journey!

  4. mel says:


    I’m so proud of you guys. I look forward to seeing how God leads.

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