What are you summer lovin’?

What I’m loving these days:
– Watching my boy munching on fresh veggies! Does anyone else just burst out in a grin when they see they’re kiddo chowing down on crispy raw vegetables? I LOVE it!
– Snap Peas! I am loooving the abundance of fresh snap bursting from my garden. They’re so sweet and crisp and yUmmers! AND it’s so neat to enjoy an abundance when they’re so expensive in the store. I wish I had planted way more!
– Hot hot days and cool cool nights. The shift on the mountain is swift and startling. Our mornings start out at about 8 degrees these days (that’s Celsius my American friends ;)) and then climb to about 33 degrees within a couple of hours. Likewise in the evening, over dinner it’s still roasting hot, but by the time Jem’s in bed I’m pulling on a light sweater for my evening walk down the road.
– Safe tires on the car! After my blown-tire trip to town the other day, I’ve finally been ‘re-tired’ and have a safe vehicle on hand. Premature labour is on my mind, especially given our isolated location, so it’s nice to know that I COULD drive to a health centre if needed.
– Basil! Oh my, fresh basil is THE best!
– Sleep! Oh wait…I WOULD love sleep but in continues to elude me. Right.
– ‘flame organic raisins’ from my local grocer. They’re black and sweet and high in iron. I’m not usually a raisin fan, but am totally gobbling these up in everything! Yummers 
Anyways. Life continues to surge ahead. Jeremy is progressing excellently in his course, Jem continues to surprise me with his potty-aptitude, and I continue to feel about one step behind with preparations. There is much to do before Baby arrives and life shifts to the next season. But, for what it is in this moment, it’s fun to become reacquainted with being a full-time mom and the sense of routine and flow which comes along with it.

One Response to “What are you summer lovin’?”
  1. Angie says:

    What a pleasure to read. Sounds like you’re enjoying the richness of life. Inspiring. 🙂

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