What you make of it

Oh what a day….
I feel like I have so many posts to share, so much to catch up on in the midst of these overflowing days. Thanks for hanging in there during some of these sporadic times; many more posts to come!

For today:
I’ve mentioned my sleep issues in earlier posts, and last night followed along the same pattern. Unfortunately, Jeremiah decided his pattern would be to rise exceptionally early and in full voice. Those mornings which allow a few minutes to collect myself, smell the air, and begin the coffee have been such a gift, and mornings which arrive more jarringly are somewhat more difficult. Anyways. The day just seemed to unfold as it started; edgy and random and with moments of toddler/mama conflict. We were both just too tired and hot and out of sync.
Fortunately, by late afternoon I figured that we just need to get moving and have some fun. We packed the potty and took off on the quad in search of “ohhs” (moos) and “owws” (cows). We found range mamas and babies aplenty and each one brought new exclamations of delight.
This ranch baby is suddenly really into cows and I love watching his expressions. Whenever we came upon some new ones (there are literally hundreds free-ranging on our mountain) we would stop and he would clamber off and run towards them with arms out-stretched, desperately hoping that maybe this one would allow him to pat her nose. Sadly, these mamas weren’t quite used to two-legged babes tearing after them 😉
We drove, chatted, explored, and found all kinds of critters and sights. (One of the nasty old bulls provided quite the conversation!). When we arrived home we decided it was time to try his new ‘pool’, one of the old horse troughs from the barn. He splashed and giggled the road dirt off and then snuggled into my own bed; naked and brown and baby-soft.

For a day beginning so unsettled, it ended so sweetly. I just took a few minutes to enjoy my walk down the road and a milky vanilla bath is running. Now I have my hour of rest and quiet before my mind begins whirling about with all that is ahead. For this hour I will sit and breathe and remember that I’m still on this open sun-kissed mountain with my babies and our hopes and an open road.

that's bull


ranch pool



34'ish weeks

4 Responses to “What you make of it”
  1. Delynne says:

    agh! that bull is so close!

    I can’t believe he fits those little sandals already! Laec was seriously just wearing them!

    miss you!

    • Dea' says:

      I Know (about the bull AND the sandels). I’m so scared of that bull and he was so determined to pet its nose 😉 The bull finally paced off and began pawing in the dirt and glaring at us, so I convinced Jem that we’d go find some babies to pet instead 🙂 And the sandels, well, he LOVES them. he wears them all the time, every day. They fit! Crazy. What a big boy. Thanks again, he’s put everything you gave him to such good use!

  2. Delynne says:

    Laec wanted me to tell you to tell Miah that the sharks glow in the dark. (-:

    • Dea' says:

      Aww! Well that is too cute. I’ll be sure to let him know. Great, now he’ll want to wear them to bed as well 😉 (and thank goodness he’s there now so I can go for my walk and end the day!)

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