How things change

(I had pictures from today to add to this post, but the internet is just too slow this evening. To sum it up: we took off on another quad/cow trek and it was so fun! Unfortunately, Cana-the-dog secretly joined us and finally showed her exhausted face km’s from home. She was finally loaded up on the quad with us and we all made it home. Fun and cute and special.)

When I became pregnant with Jeremiah (our very first pregnancy, and seemingly so easy…), I was working fulltime+ in a career I loved, surrounded by beautiful friends and support in one of those typical and sweet and frustrating towns. Jeremy and I were both busy, focused, and enjoying the clear-cut roles and responsibilities that our set hours and occupations provided.
When Jeremiah was born I flowed with ease into maternity leave and full-time motherhood. I LOVED it. I loved the time with my babe, the cooking, the tea-dates, the afternoon strolls, the allowance to savour a totally new role.

And then Jeremy came home, too.
And that was weird.

And then we both began working…at/from home.
And that was weird.

And then we stated that it was the ultimate arrangement as it allowed our child(ren) to have two parents at home, sharing responsibilities and flowing with a unique and exciting life of change and growth and business and nature and teaching and fun.

And that was true….yet tricky.
While we were living our ultimate life in a perfect setting and both ‘at home’, we were also both ‘at work’, all the time. But we missed that fact. And the part about total loss of routine. And the loss of understanding within our roles and responsibilities. And the confusion within Jem as he wondered who was heading out the door this time.
But it sounded SO good.

{And then Jeremy began taking care of the diaper loads and the floor washing and the laundry and the dishes and….
And I liked that!}

And then we were told it was coming to an end.

And then Jeremy said he would be the one heading out the door. A lot. For long moments. That is, if I still wanted to be that full-time mama. With the two-year old and the coming newborn in a new city and an unknown home….


And then we ‘practiced’ for a couple of weeks.
These weeks.
And they were rad.

And I remembered that I have one of the most beautiful and challenging and unique jobs on earth.
And I kissed my son as I left the dishes and learned how to play with trucks. And I hauled my belly about as I thought about washing the floors and forgot to do the laundry and drank hot chocolate in the dirt.
And I realized that in the midst of these terrifying changes and foggy days, the things we stumble into may yet be obstacles and challenges, but may just as likely be footholds and treasures.

So much will depend on my Sight.


Thoughts? Comments? Hmm....

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