It’s Sunday, I think. It’s not a very ‘sundayish’ Sunday but the calendar states that it is true none the less. The air is crisp and sweet and distant; like the second week of October when one expects roasting turkey and pumpkin spice and cider. I’m inclined to find my stuffiest quilt and a bowl with a hot apple dumpling, and to nestle on the chilled deck. But… it’s August, not October, and the apples are still growing and at least a month from being dumpling’ed and the kitchen smells of pesto and garden greens. Hm, what a funny mountain we live on. I suppose the unique expression of Nature’s seasons fits well with our own unique experience within.

A shaft of setting sun just cut through the window and illuminated the fireside where I’m writing. Beautiful.

My thoughts are scatter today and I have little to offer in a coherent topic.

Jeremy has returned home (with a fantastic 95% on his EMR) and our family is again complete. Jeremiah was ecstatic to see him but is really workin’ the potty-treat system with his Papa, presenting a record-breaking TWENTY potty visits in less than fifteen minutes (of teeny tiny droplet offerings) followed by a such a gleeful dance and imploring eyes that his dad can’t help but offer the reward. I just watch and laugh and am thankful that my husband is such a willing father.

It feels like we still have so much to do and so many hoops to stumble through before we’ll know the wheres and hows of our next step. The application process is so long and the various schools and provinces are so disconnected, that each inquiry takes an incredible amount of energy to tackle. For example, we were waiting and waiting for the BC campuses to announce their New Year dates. Well, they finally did, but applications close in nine days! So, if we we’re wanting to pursue the BC field, we need to pull in references, exams, interviews, medical, etc., all this week. Oh dear. (Though, it really doesn’t seem like BC is the best option, as far as mobility and such, though I sure would love living in the Okanagan!).
On the flip side, our choice AB school announced their date and it’s so soon after Baby’s arrival that it almost seems impossible to achieve. That leaves one school with a great date but poor location, and another still to announce. Anyways. Details which are probably dull to most but direct our current life. I would just love to know a) what city b) when so I can pack and prepare myself. I just know I’m not the most capable post-partum individual (well, I act overly capable and then pay for it big time…) so, yeah.


The field outside my window is pure gold right now. Gorgeous. Oh I will miss this place. Every window through which my eyes wander presents another phenomenal natural canvas. If I painted it exactly as it were, people would say it looked fake. Creation’s Artist presents such masterpieces.

Well, the boy is tucked in, scented with lavender and sunshine. Sarah Brightman is singing in the corner and Tolstoy is awaiting on the table next to me. My youngest is slipping and reaching about within me and I can’t wait to reach to him. It’s just one of those evenings where everything is beautiful and everything is huge and everything is something and nothing and profound.

It’s this mountain, it’s this evening, it’s this season too soon and not soon enough.

shadow of things to come

3 Responses to “Sunday?”
  1. Carissa says:

    Poor location……come on!!

    • Dea' says:

      Hahaha! Well, there’s only one (super attractive!) drawing factor there, but I’m supposed to be hoping for it to be gone so… 😉

  2. Kmarie says:

    It is like fall here too. This year has been very strange. So many people have been craving Thanksgiving. Hope to see you soon.

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