Funny what comes out when it should be sleep

We packed the toddler and his potty, the labour bag (cuz only 29 days….) and Baby bag, the hummus and garden chard, Anna Karenina and Richard Rohr, Baby Boy (pre-packed), and the black lab. All, somehow, tucked into the matrix as we made our escape down the mountain and to the Valley where grandparents and blackberries awaited.

Now and then, especially in this current season, we just need a couple of days away.
Now and then, in any season, it’s great to visit with family and share a meal with a Mom and not to worry about observers and performance.
Now and then, with this coming season, we need to prepare birth details, meet with birthing attendants, and remember that there are better things coming which are in need of our time and hearts.

Now and then it’s midnight and I wander and wonder and stretch and review and pray and question and hope and play it all back again before reminding myself to look forward.

Now and then it works.

Now and then I end up sitting in the dark, just me and 12:00.

Then or now, things would have changed cuz that’s where the path was going. Then is that; that’s it, that’s done, that’s all, that’s them, that’s that.

Now is everything and now is beautiful. Now may offer strained breaths over midnight and tired eyes, but now is better than then or that, and it’s what I hold in hand and beneath my ribs and in his eyes and as the clock moves on past 12:00.

2 Responses to “Funny what comes out when it should be sleep”
  1. rikki says:

    so i read your blog often and i find it so honest and refreshing and this post in particular was comforting as we’re going through some major life changes. you remind me to just live in this moment and take it for what it is and enjoy it. thanks

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