what i thought i was going to write last post

We packed….

As we drove through the mountains and breathed the scenery, we passed a white haired couple tenderly gleaning black gems from thorny branches.
“Aw, look! Cute! They’ve found some good ones…”
“Yeah, it’s probably they’re special spot. Good for them….”
I smiled and wished them well, wondering what she was planning to create and if he was enjoying himself and what hopes and tensions and changes their white hair could share about the years between them and us, and the secret that kept them still an ‘us’.

After we shared a plate of sushie, scavenged a brownie from MomIL’s freezer with (another) cup of GreenValley, and thought about a nap, it was time to tackle the brambles. I was ready, I thought. With bamboo capris and a bucket, it seemed that the berries and I would get along just fine. Then I wandered back into the kitchen and regretted setting my camera down. That dear man. My sweet used-to-be-city now darn-cute-country husband was dressed in his construction overalls and long sleeved shirt, holding a large barn bucket and pruners, and chatting to me about ‘strategy’.

“Now remember Kona, only the big juicy ones. We don’t want to end up with sour ones right? Be picky. Take your time. Use the pruners to get up high and draw the branches down. And we need to be sure to freeze em right away….”

Sweet sweet man. Sky blue eyes and black-berry smile.

We only have the odd white hair here and there, more these days than before, but nothing like those honorable crowns we passed this morning. Scratched and juicy and smelling like day-old wine and sunshine, we sampled and froze the berries and chatted about what to create with them. We still have hopes and tensions and changes which could still come between the ‘us’, but which, moreseo, can build us into what we’re supposed to be.

Thorny patches and buckets of sweet bounty….

One Response to “what i thought i was going to write last post”
  1. Kit says:

    I love you guys.. !
    I loved this post 🙂

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