Good morning, what day is it today? Hahaha, oh dear! It’s going to be one of those months I guess 😉
So it’s early and the mountains around me are shrouded in clouds and there’s rain running off the deck and steam rising in the pasture. September has brought with her frost and golden grass and ice on the water trough. I kinda love it.
With the chill, we’ve been unable to resist building a morning fire and sharing afternoon hot chocolate and popping corn to go with extra chapters (read and viewed) in our makeshift fire-side evening corner. We’ve started to talk about thanksgiving and have tucked away some soup and indulged in some extra bread (and for me, some extra chocolate and extra loaves and extra…insulation 😉 )
I’m not sure what today will bring, though I fear there may still be ‘packing and organizing’ on that list I ignored yesterday. Hm. Perhaps I could replace it with ‘cuddling and contemplating’? We’ll see. For now, it’s time for my morning cup and a hot pot of grains and a few minutes to wake up and watch the fog lift.

2 Responses to “”
  1. Jaralei says:

    I love love love this post! I love fall, and the mountains no less, not to mention hot chocolate and reading by the fire place… you get the idea!

  2. acalmspirit says:

    What a lovely morning…here in the mountains that surround my cottage, the mornings looks just like this. I have yet to get frost though…but I know is coming!

    Enjoy your day…

    be blessed!


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