Let the waiting…begin!

Hello, and happy weekend! Yesterday came and went. I finished it off with a quiet night of popcorn, hot chocolate, and insomnia. It was nice though, cozy and private. We awoke extra early, hopped into the pre-loaded car, and had a beautiful trip through the mountains. The colors are changing yet still contrasted with that late summer green—beauty abounds! We passed rose hips and uncountable shades of orange, waterfalls, clouds, and the last salmon fisherfolk of the season. Such a beautiful area of our country!

Now we’re settling into this suburban home and I’m preparing to be patient. I’m not yet patient, but I’m sure to learn it in the next weeks 😉
I had an appointment with my beautiful midwife (more on that in an upcoming post), set up Jeremiah’s room (and realized I really didn’t pack many clothes for him…), and then got all dolled up, booked a sitter, and whisked my husband off on a hot urban date. Ha! Yeah right! Nope nope nope. We settled in and then went for a cozy family walk and discovered some late blackberries and a playground. Then we flirted and chatted and made a simple dinner together from my momIL’s pantry goods. Finally, we shared Dr. Seuss and blocks and after the boys stepped out to pick up cheap wine and came home with a whole chocolate truffle cake, for me! All around, a great first evening in the Valley.

And now I’m going to settle down for the evening. I’m going to ignore ‘the signs’ cuz they’re just trickery I’m sure, I’m going to have a teeny-tiny piece of that beautiful cake (before I freeze the rest for post-partum bliss instead of contributing to a 10-pounder kiddo inside), and I’m going to invite my mister man to watch that new Babies documentary.

What are you sharing in your home and family and life this weekend evening? What are you impatient for and waiting on? What are you celebrating in the midst of the season? I wish you well…..


Thoughts? Comments? Hmm....

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