Morning out in town


Today I had to ask my motherIL what day it was. And then I left the sink running. And then I couldn’t remember exactly what I was doing mid-cereal-pour. And then I couldn’t figure out the streets downtown and kept going around and around and…. Oh my, what a day! As fun as sleepless nights and tumultuous thoughts are, I’m really ready for some a few days of ‘normal’. Maybe next decade? 😉

This morning, in an offering of sanity to both myself and sweet Jeremiah, we took off to explore and hang out. It was pretty great and I am increasingly thankful for the moments of relationship and interaction that are growing between me and my son. He’s seriously a neat little person; so funny, so sensitive, and the public loves him 😉
After finding some bearings downtown, we parked and began walking. We found a bookstore (which also had a toy corner, a chair, and a real live kitty, so we worked that shop pretty hard). We enjoyed the natural baby store in our quest for an Ergo infant insert. When the lady greeted us with, “we’re kid friendly! Anything he can reach he can touch. If he throws it across the room I’ll pick it up when you leave!” Talk about jackpot. I almost cried. For real.  That is, until she mentioned that yes, she also had a bathroom… and I waddled my tushie right on in. From there we found a little tea shop with an outdoor table and blueberry scones upon which sonnets could float. We ended that with a full-scale two year old meltdown, and moved on to the park.

Now it’s mid-afternoon and I’m about to wake him up from nap time. Wake-up time is one of my most favorite moments with this bambino. We cuddle and he recites animal sounds and hugs me with warm, sticky arms and rank morning breath. He takes almost ten minutes to really wake up, then suddenly jumps up saying, “Baaa!!! Puppy! PAPA!” and away we go. It’s just one of those great points of pause in a day where I’m reminded of precious things and the beauty of gentleness and that it’s worth it.

My other favorite point in the day comes four point five hours later at bedtime when I know I’ve made it!

Posts coming up: thoughts on the Babies documentary, midwives, and mother inlaws. And hopefully a baby story. And hopefully lots more pictures from the past month.

Happy Monday! I mean…Wednesday? Ah, whatever, happy to you!

6 Responses to “Morning out in town”
  1. Anonymous says:

    I haven’t even finished reading your post. I want those scones. I NEED those scones. I have been on this quest of finding the perfect blueberry scones, and I have yet to be satisfied. They look perfect. Were they? I bet they were. I hope you had one. I hope you had two.

  2. Miranda Fodor says:

    that was me above…

    • Dea' says:

      That was FUNNY! Thanks 🙂 (I had a few edges and one perfect middle-top piece of Jeremiah’s ultimate scone. And yeah, they are THE best. Light. Kinda crisp on the edge. Moist in the center. Perfect glaze. Juicy juicy local berries….)

  3. Aw, I love that the baby in the natural toy store was so kind!! People who are kind to very pregnant women deserve to be well-honored!! I’m glad you had a good day with your sweet son.

  4. Kmarie says:

    So I want to move to that town! whats it called again?

  5. thismama says:

    Do you want to borrow my insert?

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