In the Company of Women: Part 3 (and that’s it!)

Hi again 🙂

Thanks for the engagement with the last posts. It’s so great to hear the various experiences and points of insight from so many unique perspectives. Keep them coming! Let’s continue the conversation.

In view of some of the comments, and after another long walking the floor and eating banana loaf with an unsettled little cub, I wanted to add a few last thoughts which I missed the first time around. (Given that  recent  posts are written with a sentence here and disjointed add-in over there in the midst of 2:00am feedings and screaming toddler moments, it’s not surprising that I missed a few things! 😉 )

Natural/gentle does NOT mean backwoods/granola
– These practitioners are medical professionals. They’re able to provide their clients with options such as pain relieving medication, oxygen, stitches, etc. If you desire or are in need of certain interventions, they will be readily available. The focus is that there are options and communication. The birthing family is in partnership with their caregiver instead of undergoing a procedure, and the opportunity if available to have a less intrusive birthing experience.

Partnering, helping, passing on care:
– Ideally, if a woman engages the care of a midwife, she hopes to have that person see the pregnancy through to the arrival of the baby. Qualified and trustworthy midwives will, however, respect and address the limits certain risks present. Issues such as placenta previa, insulin-dependent diabetes, pre-term labour, and other factors may require the midwife to transfer care to a different healthcare provider; either at some point in the pregnancy, or midway through labour.
We are privileged to live in a country with high levels of medical care and low levels of neonatal death. There are times when the best choice for the mother and baby is to be transferred to another’s care. It doesn’t mean that the mama or midwife has done something wrong, it’s just how childbirth goes sometimes.

Even when things don’t go as planned…
I am acquainted with many beautiful women. Some are mamas, some wish to be, all of them have had to change their plan at some point or another. Just because something doesn’t go according to the script doesn’t mean the season or experience is any lesser. Crazy things happen there is a need to flow and grow and learn with whatever is presented. Whatever your story, it’s your story and you get to be as pleased with it as you desire 🙂
I haven’t shared these thoughts or our birth story in an effort to present the ‘ultimate birth’, but rather to present the idea that there are alternative available. (And let’s not forget that I still did get to go through some solid hours of backlabour, am still recovering from the realities of birthing these big boys, have walked through loss, etc.). There are moments when a point in our story seems to come together as we hope it would. There are other times when it’s hard to know if we even know the Author of the script. But however the pages come together, we can chose to embrace the Story and agree that it is good.

Today marks three weeks since Knightley joined us. We’ve shifted into packing with the focus of our days moving away from pregnancy and birth and all those glorious first moments. I suppose this blog will begin to show that fairly soon as well. It’s somewhat difficult to shift the focus on this screen as it has remained an island of sorts, a safe place in the midst of everything changing. But, it’s time to trust that our story will continue to flow and weave into the whole; it’s only a new chapter, not a separate book.

Thanks again for participating in this conversation surrounding birth and life and some of the details. Again, let’s keep the comments and shared experiences flowing. We have so much to learn from each other….

4 Responses to “In the Company of Women: Part 3 (and that’s it!)”
  1. mel says:

    Great conversation, Dee. So glad you had a great experience with a midwife…you make it seem like such a great option. Hmm, something to think about.

    I’ve given you an award on my blog today:)

  2. Just wondering…..
    First of all ~ where did you learn to write so well? Is it a natural born talent or were you taught? (I am looking at colleges right now for my first born!) I would love to know what college you attended if that is what helped you to have such a wonderful writing skill….secondly; what kind of camera and lens do you have? The photos are wonderful. If possible could you post answers or email them to me? Your blog is great….not sure how I stumbled into it but I enjoy reading about your adventures and also your writing style.

    • Dea' says:

      Hi! Wow, your words are so encouraging and affirming! Thank you so much for sharing them 🙂 I love (LOVE!) writing. While I’m still unpublished, I’m continually drawn to create and express through words and hope to be able to share them with more and more through various venues in the future (fiction, screenplay, etc) as life allows. As for education, well that’s a funny one. I attended the Universtiy of Saskatchewan for some time in the College of Agriculture, picked up two BA’s at Prairie Bible in Alberta (Education as well as Intercultural Studies), and finished an MA in Education/Curriculum through the University of Phoenix. Oddly enough, no writing education at all. I’ve often wished I had followed that academic path instead (or something in food science or development…) but it didn’t happen. I was super privileged to step right into a fantastic education opportunity while in the midst of my MA, and was able to write some new curriculum and teach first-year writing (and some other things, like Women’s Studies) at Prairie. Loved that! So somehow I’ve been writing, teaching writing, thinking writing, in some way, all the time. Up here on the mountain, I’ve felt surrounded by inspiration. When you have this much ‘life story’ material to work with it’s impossible to keep it off a page. I tend to think and daydream ‘in story’ (seriously, it’s quite a joke amongst my peers) and seem to understand the world better once I’ve processed it on the screen. I think that’s why this blog is so dear to me; it’s my life, it’s our story, and it all comes about through writing. (Now to convince some publishers… 😉 )

      As for the camera: Most day-to-day shots are through a simple Canon PowerShot (10mgpx). The fancier ones are through a (now outdated) Olympus Evolt (8 mpx) with a basicv 35mm lens. My parents raised me to really appreciate photography. I don’t have any techinical skill and am pretty limited as to the actual mechanices of even my own cameras, but I love to spot a great moment 🙂

      Anyways! Best to you in searching for a college. I used to know of great writing programs out there but I can’t recall them right now…. I just stopped by your blog and love the family dynamics with your ‘gorgeous girls’ and the whole menagerie 🙂 I wish you a beautiful weekend!

      (and let me know if you have any other questions. So great to have you along in the story 🙂 )

  3. Thanks for answering my question ~ looks like you have a natural born talent in the writing department! Good luck in the upcoming weeks and if you read my blog….my mantra is “when one door shuts, another opens; you just need to look for the open door! I know you will find it!

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