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Oh the blog posts and plot lines and screenplays which have been concocted in the wee hours this week! How I wish I could just download my mind! It’s really such a bother to have to sit and re-group thoughts on paper (or the screen) 😉

So what to pick out of my swirling head this evening? Hm hm hm.
(Note: In case you’re wondering how I’m doing a post if this baby is just that busy….
As I described to a friend this week, this is ‘my hour’. Every evening, generally around 11:00pm, it’s almost guaranteed that all three boys will be in bed, the fire will still be going, the dishes will be done, and the couch will be empty. Moreso, there will be no squealing cub latched upon my breast, no over-charged toddler armed with a light saber or sword (depending if he’s a Jedi or a Musketeer at the time), no mister man needing a meal or an alert and balanced woman at hand. Nothing. Just me and the words and the quiet. Just me as me; in whatever role or non-role I want for those minutes. Just hot coals on the hearth and the dog at my feet and that ridiculous early Christmas tree in the corner. It’s that desperately coveted hour when I should be sleeping or packing or taking a shower, but I choose to return to this screen, this community, this place of center. Cuz I love it. And I need it. And it’s good to see you again….)

So then.

We are twenty-five days from leaving this mountain. Twenty-five days from leaving my most perfect home. Twenty-five days from the next chapter, that new bend in the road, that fresh unknown. It’s been coming for months now, the wait is almost exhausting. At the same time, now that the time is near there is much to be done.

(Hm, I feel a shift coming…insert sleepy smirk 😉 )
I’m funny when it comes to getting things done, especially in high-pressure. Some people packing and home-insanity by leaving; coffee shop, mall, friends. Well, that’s not really an option so much out here. Others check out in their mind; sleep, read, soak in the tub all afternoon. I think that’s highly attractive, but I’m pretty sure all three boys could pick the locks fairly quick and get me back to work 😉
My personal response to days or weeks of pressure, events of high emotion, or seasons of “AHH!!!” is to hit the kitchen, or more simply stated, to cook cook cook (well, and write but I think you’ve gathered that already by the push of posts this week).
Now, I’m not talking about flippin’ a burger simmering a pot of soup, but this irresistible unexplainable bordering on craaaazy cookin’ action that happens. The more intense the day, the more gourmet the meal; the more ridiculous the situation, the more chopping and seasoning and overall zest for the moment.

It’s becoming a problem.

Um, see, we’re leaving in 25 days. I should pack. I have a newborn. I haven’t slept in awhile. I don’t even know what I’m wearing (wait…am I….)

But I need to cook!

Last night I strapped on the kiddo and dove into samosas. The day before it was pies; big pies, mini pies, lots of pies. Somewhere in the midst of that there were some phenomenal cakes. I learned my lesson there. No more cakes. (they were good cakes!). In the midst of this, sweet husband came home with pumpkins. Five huge pumpkins. Now there was some fun to be had!
I just have to cook and it’s a little bit crazy. We’re eating well, but seriously, there are more empty boxes than bellies needing to be filled in this cabin right now! Yikes. I was describing to Jer, “Hon, the crazier the day the more I just need to cook!” His response as he began hosing down the kitchen, “um, Kona, maybe the more you cook the crazier the day…” Stinker 😉
Wish me luck…. The moving truck won’t be too excited about loading pumpkin curry and crispy samosas as much as boxes and such. I think…..

My time is up. I’m suddenly aware that I now really do need to get some sleep. BUT, there are things to be said about those pumpkins! Wonderful, inexpensive, versatile pumpkins! I’ll get to that soon, along with the best pumpkin muffin recipe ever. Speaking of which, this mama needs muffins on the way to bed. G’night!

4 Responses to “kinda random”
  1. Jamie says:

    PLEASE post that best ever pumpkin recipe for me. Our pie pumpkins are the one thing that really flourished and I am so clueless. We grew them for Keith… he is the one who likes to make pie… but now he is away and I am stuck with them and desperate for recipes.

  2. Kmarie says:

    Hey you are so creative I would really love it if you added your thoughts to this post

    I would love to hear what you have to say…and anyone else for that matter. I have gotten a bit of flack in previous years from some people for my ideas. Are they really that bad?

    • Dea' says:

      I JUST read that post of yours and hope to go back and comment soon. I’m behind on your blog! Hope to catch up soon 🙂

  3. Kmarie says:

    It’s easy to get behind on my blog. For writing practice My editor auntie makes me write at least 3 times a week…Typically…well she strongly suggested. So I average 3-5 posts per week. Which anyone could get behind on…come to think of it- it must be overwhelming!
    But yes I would love to ‘hear’ your voice / ‘see’ your footprint over at my ‘house’:)

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