Last Visit

With the shift towards colder weather on our mountain, the cabin has suddenly grown chilly in the evenings. I’m not sure if it’s how the logs have settled this past year or if more caulking is needed, but stepping away from the fireplace in the hours after supper demands warm socks and woolies, especially in our bedroom at the far end of the house. Given that Knightley loves the warmth of the fire and given the very comfortable oversized couch situated in front of it, I’ve moved my sleeping quarters to the lving room. Once everyone else is in bed and the last feeding is done, Knightley and I cozy up in the firelight; he in his basinet, me on that perfect couch. I feel like a knight or Maid Marian or something; resting in the flickering shadows, baby cozy in his sheepskin basket, wild mountain through the glass. It’s really quite perfect and has unexpectedly led to much better nights for the little man. Maybe he’s just been a bit too chilly!?

I’m writing this on the road as we head towards the Valley for one last visit. J is driving and the boys are asleep in the back. I love this drive; likely one of the prettiest areas in Canada that I know. The big snows haven’t arrived yet so everything’s all rocky and green and wild. The bears and bulls are still out and about and the waterfalls are still flowing. Also, It’s the perfect length for baby-naps between feedings, and we all enjoy the time to sit and be quiet together. So nice.
This weekend, my Millie will be cooking up some gourmet food, I’ll have my last midwife appointment, and we’ll try to tie up all those last things. I’m hoping that we’ll make it back out this way for a few days in the summer, but there’s really no certainty. We’re learning not to say “this time next year” as the past few years have been pretty surprising from one season to the next. I think we can manage “this time next week”, but even that might be pushing it 😉

Anyways. Nothing crazy to post just now. I’m looking forward to some decent internet in the next few days so I can get some real pictures posted.

Oh, and happy six weeks to Knightley!
(finally getting his birth announcement printed…)

2 Responses to “Last Visit”
  1. Kmarie says:

    Beautiful birth announcements!
    I can’t wait to see you and your precious littles.
    I’m praying for the sad/ exciting/ nerve wracking/ jouyous transition for you.
    Love u

  2. thismama says:

    The birth announcements are beautiful!

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