some glimpses

new shoes

movie night Augusta-style

Mickey's newest biggest fan. Oh boy! (oh yikes!)

harvet helper

Snowflakes falling, fires crackling, stew and bread and popcorn filling our bellies, toddler laughter and new baby gurgle-giggles filling the room. It is well.

Jeremy hits the road tomorrow. The highway conditions aren’t looking so kind, so I’m a little anxious of the twelve hour trip ahead of him (he and the cat!). He’s a great driver and familiar with winter conditions, so it should be fine, but we’ll all be glad when he arrives in Big City safely, and then back to the ranch on Sunday. Jeremiah is really struggling with the fact that his Papa is heading on a ‘woad twip!’ without him. He’s Jeremy’s biggest fan and just doesn’t understand even a minute of separation these days. So, we’ll all wish him safe travels in the morning and then maybe cozy up with hot chocolate or something and drink away the pain 😉

For those of you who have followed the tiny details of this step into paramedicine, and are interested in what’s ahead for Jer’s final step into the school, here’s what he’s looking at this week. We welcome your support as he moves ahead.
Weds: Arrives in Big City, starts setting up some of our new living space in our new shared home.
Thurs: Interview and two exams with ESA
Fri: Written Provincial Exam
Sat: Practical Provincial Exam
Sat/Sun: (depending on exam performance, weather, schedules, energy, etc…) Stop over in Prairie Town, then back for one last week at the ranch.
Sun (28th): We all move to Big City!
Dec: Settling in, finding our feet
Jan: EMT program begins, and ‘new life’ (attempt #52!) begins

2 Responses to “some glimpses”
  1. Jamie says:

    Nothing like breaking new shoes in with some good ol’ mud puddle stomping! 🙂

    And that last picture! We have those same bowls and our pumpkins look the same too, how funny. For the quickest of seconds, I thought the photo was of Rilla helping me… but it’s Jeremiah helping you!

    I have been making tons of pumpkin stuff, thanks for getting me started on it! I still have five huge pumpkins left. Wish you could come over and cook something tasty with me!

  2. mel says:

    SO good to chat with you and hear your voice. Miss you. Praying as you make this move, and I love the pics!

    So glad that Miah’s going to join Thomas in Pennies for Peace…can’t wait to see your pics!

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