around the corner

(Did this get published the other day or not…? Hmm…. I thought I posted it on Sunday but I just saw it in my ‘draft box…)

Jeremy’s back home on the ranch. Yay yay YAY!!! I have never been more happy to have him home. Seriously. I told him so and he wasn’t quite sure if it was a compliment or not, but I am just SO relieved to have him back. Oh the bliss of having another set of arms available for the sad bambinos! Bed time was so easy! Bath time was done without me evening knowing! I’m so blessed!

Now we’re down to the last week. One week from this moment I’ll be in our new home, likely laying in bed and reflecting on all the details. Unbelievable. If someone had told me one year ago that this is what we’d be up to right now I would have called them crazy! Seriously!
One year ago we were watching the completion of this cabin, baking apple dumplings and hunting for our ultimate Christmas tree while planning last cabin details. One year ago I was pregnant and didn’t know it, Jeremiah was still nursing, Jeremy was spending every night working on getting the cabin completed for Christmas. One year ago we were beginning to unwind and believe that yes, we were really going to be able to settle in somewhere for a few years and just live for awhile. It was definitely a high point in our mountain-top experience. Everything had come together and everything ahead seemed bright.

Oh how things change!

BUT, the beautiful thing about ‘the now’ is that I’m realizing that it holds no less hope than those cozy perfect moments one year ago. There may be more unknowns, but apparently ‘the known’ of last year wasn’t so true after all. There may be less cash and more conflict and less stuff and more drama, but a story without those highs and lows is really just flat; simply a one-dimensional monologue. And sure, maybe we’re about to move on again and the emotions and prayers and actions have an odd sense of familiarity to two years ago, but maybe I needed to hear them in my heart again (and again) to really understand what I was asking for, what I was seeking. Maybe I didn’t really get it before. Maybe we were created to be Gypsies (maybe not so much cowboys? 😉 ) Maybe that’s alright. Maybe we’ve had a much richer life these years than if we had pursued the road more travelled; the safe, the expected, the obvious.

Maybe I’m starting to like this story, to love us, to embrace this journey and all its foggy bends in the road.
Maybe I’m coming to understand my tagline of finding “Life in the living.”
Just maybe.

One Response to “around the corner”
  1. Kimberly says:

    Yes. This time last year….Wow. It was a whole different place, literally and figuratively. Now it is time to move again into the unknown.

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