Saddle up your horses

The horses are tearing through the field with bucks and leaps and festive feet. The weather has shifted and they’re eager to celebrate. How fortunate that the warming has come during our travel days. Thank you!

 Inside Augusta Cabin, packing continues to move ahead. The roof rack is adorned with a suitcase and some treasures from our deepfreeze (blackberries from August, that last salmon, little tastes of BC to bring to the prairies). Our travelling outfits are set aside, supper is prepped, and even tomorrow’s oatmeal (which will be served cold!) is waiting. The dog is clinging and gazing at us with sad eyes while Jeremiah tears around in the cleared floor space.We’re so close to being ready! The last day is here.

Moving Day begins tomorrow and will actually consist of three travel days. We’re leaving as early as possible tomorrow morning and hoping to make it to the home of dear friends for sleep and conversation and open arms. The next day will see us stopover in our old Prairie town to connect with more chereished hearts and take care of some business. Finally, Sunday morning will bring us to beloved family members and our new home in ‘the big city’ (where Jeremy will need to rush out to purchase EMT boots and other apparel in preparation for his uniform fitting early Monday morning).

Of course, in the midst of everything today there’s much in our hearts. Much to process and reflect upon. Much to cherish and gaze upon one last time. For the time being however, we need to press on with the packing and cleaning. Processing and considering and gathering the pieces can happen next week, when we’re at home across the mountains and around that shadowed bend in the road.


Thoughts? Comments? Hmm....

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