Catching Up Dec 2010

Between packing, moving, and getting from here to there, there hasn’t been a lot of room for details on where we’ve arrived and what our new life looks like now. While I try to be careful in this online world with sharing certain details of place and name, it’s time to catch up.

What was:
We officially began this gypsy trek when we left chilled Alberta to pursue a ‘life less loaded’; a life of simple living and coffee roasting and shared parenting/entrepreneurship/searching. It seems so long ago now….. From driveway to business startup to disillusionment to new ideas to growth and more questions and more mistakes and more learning, we’ve covered a few miles.  Our questions have become clearer, though not entirely answered. Our ideas and visions have matured, though not found real points of conclusion. We’re difference people than we were. I can even see that my writing is different in these posts than it was two years ago with some of those first entries. It’s interesting. It’s good to look back and consider where we’ve come from. Now it’s exciting to look forward to where we’re going.
The last eighteen months involved a unique, beautiful, and challenging thread of the story in which we were living in a perfect log cabin on a huge mountain top ranch somewhere between the Fraser Valley and the Okanagan BC. Caretaking the property, working with the horses, playing with all the toys, soaking up the phenomenal scenery of woods and lake and wildlife and crisp clean air, and learning tons about life, faith, marriage, and all the in-betweens kept us busy enough. We were isolated but liked it at the time, busy but thought it was worth it, and setting up home where we hope to stay for a solid few years. (this is the ‘cowboy’ part of Gypsys and Cowboys, in case you were wondering)

What happened:
Things changed. Perspectives, expectations, communication, and conclusions found points of difference in the workplace. In the end, it was time to look to a new path and plan. With that end in sight, everything seemed desperate and terrible. Now that we’ve arrived at that one end and point, we’re embracing the freedom and opportunity within it, and finally seeing that everything is going to be okay, and even better than that.
I’m realizing how difficult it can be to see beyond ourselves when we’re right in the middle of the story. It can be difficult to hope for or believe in a new chapter or see that there really is writing on that turning page when our feet are stuck in the binding. But those pages do turn. There is an Author and a Finisher; a Greater Motion, a First Cause, One Who Knows. The page has turned and it’s not blank or black, and there is more to be written.

Our Gypsy trek has brought us right back to the province we left. Hm. That was interesting to process (ie. Swallowing my pride proved difficult given my oh-so-glorious exit 😉 ). We’re in a large Alebrtan city (interesting…different…lots of stuff around to do if I ever get the kids together and leave….), and living in a fantastic shared house and home which is a whole huge post (or 50!) in itself.  Also, as mentioned earlier, J was accepted into a fantastic Emergency Services Academy (SO exciting) and is beginning EMT training with future plans for the final level of paramedicine.
So we’ve gone from total isolated ranch city, both of us employed to neither, isolated to community,  BC to AB, and so much more.

Anyways. I really hope to get back online more regularly again soon. I’ve missed this! But the days are full to overflowing, I’m up three to six times a night with these boys, there’s a weird cold/flue in my throat begging me to sleep, and it seems like even the most simple thoughts come out mumbled and jumbled these days. But we’re here and we don’t have to move on for at least a few months. Life is so so good and I really can’t wait to share some of the unique and exciting details really soon.

Happy Weekend!

Thoughts? Comments? Hmm....

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