Joyful Scrooge

Is it seriously the third Sunday of Advent?! How…?
Have you ever felt like you’re sleep-walking through life? Lately, I’m aware of things swirling about me but my mind is in a haze and I’m hardly sure where I’m going. (though I wish I were heading to bed! 😉 ) Since my days have been pretty much hanging out with the kiddos and thinking of food prep’, I didn’t realize how little I was actually getting done until I really thought about Christmas details yesterday. Yikes! I don’t have gifts figured out, my mail-outs will likely be packaged in February, and preparing my heart and mind with the actual focus and reflections of the season has been deeply neglected.

Last night we took time to watch the newest rendition of ‘A Christmas Carol’. We love Dickens and have been challenged and inspired by his writing on many levels (though this film is quite dark and a little terrifying to the eyes at times…!). This time, I was especially struck by some of the concluding comments from Scrooge and his commitment to not only keep Christmas all the year ‘round, but that he was known for “doing Christmas well”. Hm….
 Keeping Christmas and doing it well. Interesting. What does it mean for us? What does it mean for me? For Scrooge, it was expressed through a) support for those he was responsible for (his employee Bob Cratchett, and Cratchett’s family) through money and overall awareness of situation, b) involvement (time, care, interesting) with his own family relations (his nephew), c) social action within the greater community to  the needs beyond his eyes  (giving money for the poor and hungry through another organization), and d) an overall expression of joy and welcome to those around him (known as ‘Uncle’ to all the children, remembered for his generosity).

This year, I have not kept Christmas well. My expression of joy and care to my family, those I am directly responsible for, is strained at best as I make excuses of tiredness or weakness in the moment. My social action is, well, not active. My engagement with extended family (beyond our combined family in this home) has been limited. Finally, the preparation of my inner spiritual life through confession and contemplation has been shoved into a few hurried readings and mumbled conversations.

There are twelve days until Christmas. I may be able to pull something together for a day of fun and food, but I doubt that a fumbling few hours is an acceptable response to the opportunity the season presents. There are twelve days to keep Christmas well before the grand celebration of the Great Event. May we be known for our joy and generous expression of this most beautiful season; this month and throughout the year.

2 Responses to “Joyful Scrooge”
  1. thismama says:

    I hear you, I hear you, I hear you. We have really wanted to be purposeful this year, kind of as a fresh start to our year and some days have been beautiful. Other days, well, anything but beautiful. But I just keep remembering that inability for beauty and joy and celebration, that lack within ourselves is the very WHY that Christ gave himself for us. And that realization in itself is beautiful.
    Love you my friend.

  2. maria says:

    Thank you for your honesty. It is wonderful, though, that you are able to realize what has been happening and are willing to make the change.

    I also have been going through some growing pains this Christmas…by paying attention to what is important and allowing Him to guide your steps.

    That is really the gift of that Sacrifice!

    Be blessed!


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