one of those

I’ve always enjoyed cross-country sking, in both town and country. This afternoon, with both the boys napping and J at home, I felt energized enough to step outside and venture into the snowy streets. I donned my high-fashion gear of ranch vest and duck-billed boots, stepped into my skies, and…realized I no longer had poles.

Hmm….. Broom handles! That would be perfect!

Unfortunately I couldn’t get the brooms off of their handles. So, away I swooshed down the street, returning the smiles of those who passed me and stared at my turquoise kitchen broom and brown garage broom. I returned even more smiles when I passed some of the same people multiple times as I became entirely dioriented in the neighborhood and skiied about blindly for close to two hours.

Ah yes, the life of a directionally-challenged country gal in the snowy streets of the prairies. At least I got a great work out! 😉

Happy weekend 🙂
Today was one of a great big list of ‘to dos’ and very little ‘dones’. Don’t you love those? 😉 If I had known that the baby wouldn’t stay in his naps or that I would feel this cranky all day, I would’ve planned on doing nothing. It’s always so much better when it’s planned, cuz then I at least accomplish what I set out to do 😉 Now Baby Boy is finally quiet, along with the two J’s and the rest of the house. Quietness and mental space mean my mind is suddenly racing to catch up with all those things I meant to think about earlier! Oh the irony. Now that I can really tuck in and sleep, I’m much more ready to write adn reflect and clean that bathroom and bake those muffins and chart that meal plan and….. And now I’m just rambling.

Well then, good night. Tomorrow and this last week of Advent brings much thought and opportunity.


Thoughts? Comments? Hmm....

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