it’s just so good

Oh friends, we have looots to talk about this coming new year. I’m excited. I know this month has been sporadic for posts, but next week brings the long awaited move into ‘routine’. While I’m not expecting any extra free time to suddenly pop up, I do know that the days are going to gain some rhythm and flow and that I’ll be able to find that pause and space, somewhere, to re-focus on writing and sharing life with you, my fellow sojourners.

For the moment, I have something oh so exciting to share!
This Christmas I received two particularly fantastic gifts: a pasta maker from my Millie, and an ice cream maker (KitchenAid attachment) entirely out of the blue from my Mister (I didn’t think we were really doing gifts, and i didn’t even know KA made an ice cream attachment!). My hope is to create some tasty and workable pastas based on bean and veggie flours, as well as some dairy-free (and yummy!) ice creams.  The past two days have involved the first of many concoctions, with the best creation appearing this evening as ‘coconut chocolate ice cream’. It’s a ridiculously creamy, oh so chocolatey, dairy/egg free ice cream. Yum yum YUM!!!

choco-coco fantastic

One I’ve perfected it (and we’re close, I just ‘need’ a few more practice samples 😉 ) I’ll share the recipe. It’s so easy and so worth it. Hmm…I think I need some more right now

Anyways. It’s that holiday week where Christmas still lingers, New Years is coming, and I’m getting itchy to move on with some change and plans and next steps. I’ll be returning to that challenge/conversation on food in the next week or so, as well as (hopefully) shareing some year end reflections and pictures. For now, I’m exhausted as Knightley has been a bit of a stinker these nights (too many dairy-based ice cream attempts??) and I have aquafit (love it!) in the morning.

Happy Wednesday to you!


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