Eat well Live well

Alright. Here we go.

Background details and general focus:
A couple of weeks ago I began chatting about the desire to ‘eat well & live well’… in this (frigid!) Albertan city, on a limited budget, while maintaining beliefs/practices in support of the local growers, in defense of the global community, and without compromise to the overall food-health of my family.

Many of you have joined this conversation and already there are some great ideas flowing. I’m excited. Super excited. I think this could be a pretty rad project to really jump into this new year as we learn and share together. And really, these ideas go way beyond food and meals and such as the principles are readily applied to overall consumption on earth, but the focus for this post and challenge is on the groceries.

Are you in?

We (this collective ‘we’ involved on this blog; you, me, the people who continue the conversations with you once you’re offline….) want to:
a) Eat well: balanced, organically & locally (if/when available), and healthfully
b) Live well: support the local growers, protect/defend the global farming families, engage a sense of community, engage our minds and conscience within the action of purchasing and consuming our table fare
b) Save money, or at least not strain the rest of your family’s finances in the pursuit of the above
c) Enjoy the flavors, experiences, and sense of community that healthy and beautiful food offers
d) Share (the food, the savings, the table, the conversation) and educate (our children, peers, etc).

The Opportunity:
Do the above within your family group, and share your findings.

What findings???
The how! How are you hoping to do it on $100 or $50 or whatever your proposed budget.
The what! What you discover in your area! Free range meats, extra eggs, someone with a cow, a great deal on flour mills or tomatoes or…. Y’know?
The conversation! What you learned, who you met, what you’re considering
The practice! How your ideas/habits/practices were challenged or changed. Your amazing new recipe or idea. That ‘light bulb moment’ that somehow made your table more rich and tasty while still maintaining that healthy wallet and chosen set of beliefs.

Happy New Year!
Happy plates!

4 Responses to “Eat well Live well”
  1. Kimberly says:

    We’re in. Except tonight bc I’ve ordered a pizza. It’s local. 🙂 I’ve stretched a pack of chicken out for seven meals and all I have left is another pack of chicken. And I am done with chicken. It’s the first dinner bought out since Sweetheart got laid off in November. Yes, some guilt, but I am getting over it. 😉

  2. Kimberly says:

    Um, did I mention we are moving and buying our own little farm this month??? SO excited!!!!!!! Our lives have mirrrored one another in these past few months with job and housing changes and babies born. It’s been fun to follow your new life even though I haven’t commented in awhile.

    • Dea' says:

      Seriously? Aw!! Congrats on the farm!!! Yay for you and your sweet family! And yes, I love the mirroring of lives which has happened. Very neat 🙂

  3. thismama says:

    Ah, I am so into this conversation…although we are in a little bit of slump right now which I am hoping to get sorted out soon. Just things like losing our organic free range egg source, having less grocery money to work with….gluten free getting into the mix (expense, healthy and taste wise). Anyways, I am excited about the encouragement that I know I will get from reading your blog!

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