Hello from the newly re-initiated homemaker/mama!

Supper is almost ready, ice cream is churning, Jn(brother) has the two year olds outside, Knightley’s chewing on a diaper, and there’s half of a Christmas beer foaming by the screen. Phew! Yes! I’m taking these next minutes to sit down and catch up.

Yesterday was Jeremy’s official step into the EMT classroom and my official re-entry to life as full-time mama. And, to be honest, yesterday was ridiculous. By noon I had succeeded only in destroying the kitchen and refereeing countless attacks between two year olds (most often initiated by my two year old!). The laundry remained mountained in the basement and my quest towards expressing patience and depth of character must have somehow become buried beneath it. It was a day of diving in with both feet…and forgetting how to surface.

Miracle of miracles, today was pretty great. The laundry is (almost, kinda) done. The boys napped. I was able to take time to read and listen to music with Jeremiah (in the midst of his newfound love, Dora). Supper is prepped. My hair was done at one point and I have a vague memory of a clean shirt or two as well. Finally, there’s even rumor of aquasize tonight after Jer tackles his homework.

Oh, my mister EMT man just walked in. And he’s in uniform. Well then 😉 I guess I’ll go.

2 Responses to “re-learning”
  1. Jessie says:

    ha ha Dee you crack me up – glad to hear life was better today…

  2. Kmarie says:

    A man in uniform…have fun missy (wink)

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