meeting the muse

While living on the ranch, I experienced a season of ‘creative flow’ unique to anything I had experienced before. There was something about the mindlessness of shoveling horse dirt and throwing bales which allowed my artistic mind to shift into something entirely open and vivid. I loved it! There were days in which I would spend an extra hour on chores just to continue the story lines; mornings where the filly would finally come nudge me on the back and remind me that I was standing still in the snow with a full wheelbarrow, caught up in that other world.

When we moved to the Big City last month (only last month?!) I was saddened to feel my muse slip away. My story lines were like far off echoes in the dark; totally unreachable. When I would finally catch a few midnight minutes to write, I struggled to find that sense of life and story which had been so gorgeous and engaging only months ago.

Fortunately, I’ve found a [temporary, lesser] muse, and it gladdens my heart! Previously, I mentioned the gift of free leisure passes and my connection with the rowing machine. I’ve added the stair stepper to my circuit and, between the sweat on my back and the soundtracks in my ears, I’m rediscovering that other world. It’s nothing profound, simply the act of mindless physical exertion which allows my mind to create. And I’m loving it.

With my big ol’ 30th birthday drawing near, I’m feeling the stir and push to create something that I can see and hold and share. The first two years of our Gypsy & Cowboy trek have been put into manuscript form…and tucked away after a lack of industry connect. Now it’s on to a new form and expression of story. I’m excited.  Being a mama at home (and a sleepy, disorganized one at that!) doesn’t lend itself to a lot of artistic fruit, but as I embrace the Giver I’m obligated to embrace the Gifts. So I will; as I shovel horse dirt or climb pseudo-stairs or row on concrete with my eyes open to a different reality.

So on we go!


Thoughts? Comments? Hmm....

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