a weekend away

Last weekend I finally made it down the highway to my old Prairie town (that same town in which I began this blog two years ago this month!). The roads were dry and open. The air was warmed by Chinook winds. The boys (once they were wrestled into the car) were happy and cooperative. Since my ipod wasn’t charged, I had more than two hours of ‘open head’ space; time and quiet to think, reflect, pray, and ponder. Awesome.

I stayed in town with this sweet mama  who has  kiddos of similar ages. As we settled in to dinner I was struck by so many things. I noticed the simplicity of the home (only a few houses down the road from my old house, aww!); pine cones on the table, a basket of felting wool nearby, a collection of canning jars for water glasses, happy kiddos, partnered spouses, that sense of home. The meal began with a song and a prayer. Moments of question and discipline with the two year old were met with a quiet firmness and support, and led to a response of understanding and obedience. (And to clarify, these are normal folks 😉  Their kids do things that two year olds and babies do, the mama gets tired, the papa has things to do outside the home. They’ve got life going on.)
Anyways. On my last evening there, as Jem was leaping about the bathtub and Knightley was crying to be fed, I heard music. And…thumping…tapping…dancing?! I peeked around to corner to see that family (Papa, baby, their whole clan) jump-jiving around their living room with joy. It was ridiculously adorable. It was so uplifting! I loved it.
As I tucked Jem in that night he suddenly lifted his head and looked at me with his head turned, listening to a quiet melody down the hall. “It’s alright sweetie,” I assured him, “That’s just Mr. Dan singing, it’s a happy sound….” He smiled and nestled in, and the evening tucked in around him.

Why all these details on this short and personal weekend? Well, I came home so encouraged. As I’ve written previously, I often struggle with the outward expression of my inner beliefs such as patience, loving-kindness, and simple joy. This visit reminded me that is that important and it is that possible. Further, it reminded me that living quietly and simply and with such openness is just so beautiful.

Anyways. I’m still trying to figure out how to live and express the life I want to show. Lately I’ve been quick to excuse myself because I’m tired, or because the house is busy, or because we’re in perma-transition (um, does that even sense??), but somehow I need to learn to do it now. If I can figure it out here and now, then it’ll be even more beautiful in that unknown future.

What’s challenging you these days? What are you waiting on before things change? How can we express that strong, quiet, and beautiful home?

Best to you my friends!

growing up...two years later

One Response to “a weekend away”
  1. thismama says:

    I am really blessed by reading about my home through the gracious words and eyes of another. The day to day IS so challenging and yet so worth striving to always be growing and learning and becoming better.

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