The winner of the giveaway is KIMBERLY!!

Email your mailing info to and I’ll ship that out to you right away. Yay presents!!!

Thanks for the comments and ideas on birthdays and celebrations. It was great to hear of your special ideas and the love you express to those special people on their special days. I’ve gotta say I oh so strongly appreciate the “love love love” birthdays approach 🙂 Celebrating the lives and value of others is so beautiful and affirming, and that’s how I want to grow and express as I celebrate the birthdays of the loved ones surrounding me as well.

Anyways. It’s too early for K’s last feeding, but I’m so ready for bed. I think it might be time for some kettle corn and a book as I listen to the rest of the house settle down. The week has flown by and the weekend is already on the way. This weekend is going to be especially exciting for me as my SisIL is taking me out for a night, just us 🙂 There’s gonna be dinner, sleeping in a hotel, and some hours away remembering how to be women and sisters instead of just mamas and wives. I’m seriously SO excited. The last time I had a night away like this was when she flew out west and whisked me out for a similar night in Van’ City two years ago. She does things like that 🙂

Anyways. That corn isn’t going to pop itself 😉

I wish you each a generous love within your life, encouragement in your spirit, and hope for the future…..





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